Pc cooling in Tucson AZ summers

right now i have an HP envy 700-21xt desktop with a gtx 750and summer is fast approaching (it gets about 90+ degrees) and the currant case only has one 80mm rear fan. I am wandering if finding a new case with more fans will actually help cooling during the summers or if the one fan is sufficient?   

Yeah definitely getting a new case with great airflow will lower your temps. Or if you are cheap. Just murder your current case by cutting your own fan hole. If possible throw a 200mm fan in the front. But regardless of how good cooling is in general, you can only get as low as ambient temps.

that's my concern it's already 76* in February and with my temps already at 60*C on a full load. I'm defiantly worried about it surviving the summer in a stock case i just didn't know how much the extra air flow would help

here you go. case comes with 2 fans so i  added another. the R4 is a fantastic case for the money. especially on sale.

i would remove both hdd bays and put you hd in the bottom disk drive bay. put 2 fans in the front and leave the one in the back and just plug them into the fan control switch. i also included a cpu cooler. with this set up, ambient temps wont affect the components nearly as much as a choked OEM case.


it affects it a lot actually. if the case doesnt evacuate the heat the CPU and GPU are dissipating, then the coolers stop working well, and cause the entire systems temps to rise.

Thanks i was looking at the R4 today and wondering if i should pull the trigger on it  now i will for sure unless a friend of mind can find his extra Thermaltake Versa h21 he's got laying around. i already ordered the hyper 212 from amazon today, i leave my pc on all the time working on coding or music so it's nice to know i won't have to stress to much this summer  

the nice thing about the r4 is that its silent, and the switch at the front gives you fast control of the case fan speeds, so at idle it can be hardly audible and under load you can keep them at full tilt and its not terribly loud. dust holds heat too, so keeping it out with filters helps with maint.

Nice i feel as though i'm cleaning out dust every 6 weeks or so there is just to much dirt around these parts

yeah the only gripe i had of the R4 is you have to pull out the bottom filter from the back. the R5 remedies this by letting you pull it from the front.

I used to live in AZ, and I found that during the summer as long as I kept the temp of the room my computer was in lower then 78f my systems were fine. I think proper airflow will fix any issues you are currently having. Also considering the temps of even air-conditioned space a define r4/5 is not really a good case. To put that better, the soundproofing and vent covers limit airflow, combined with the high cost (case + fans) you would really be getting the short end of the stick. The define R4/5 are great cases with a good layout good watercooling support and so on, but, come on! If you are worrying about getting a lower end CPU cooler why should you spend the money on a case that is not ideal. Instead of that, look to lower cost better equipped cases for pure cooling, like the NZXT S340, the Corsair 300R or a Cooler Master HAF. Any of these cases would be better cooling wise then a Define R series stock and the Corsair and the NZXT have dust filters. 

Unless you must have abject silence for your PC, silence optimized cases like the NZXT 440 and the Define R series offer less air movement for more money. to top that off they are seeming designed for all the fans to be replaced by far better aftermarket ones adding even more cost. Not to say that aren't great they are when kitted up full however, for what you are talking about get what works out of the box and cost half as much!

if you want a cheap easy option, take the side panel off your computer and set up a fan to blow into the case. Its not a quiet or pretty solution, but it will give you great airflow.

Thanks every one my friend found his Thermaltake Versa H21 ( http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J0NZ3Q4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) so that saved me $40 and i can upgrade my mobo next month :).

Plus I'm going to put a portable AC unit in my office to cut down on the $300 electric bill that we had last year due to constantly running the house AC as i am the only one home most of the day.

ive been there brother
fan in side of pc, a classic solution to a harsh problem
i live under las vegas myself,
ive had many a console break, so when i upgraded my pc, i went total nuclear warfare against heat
(triple the needed radiators actually)