PC Controller Pad

So lately I've wanted to get a PC Controller Pad for Gaming of course, but mostly I've wanted to get one because of video games for the PC such as Tomb Raider, Hitman, and other Third-Person view games.

I've read and heard that the Razer Onza is the best PC Controller Pad, I'm guessing because of how low the price is for it. But I've also wanted to know if there are any other better or good Controller Pads or if it even matters to get one or at least know if there are good ones.

Anyway, I would like to know if Razer Onza is either the obvious choice to go for or if there any other better Game Pads, such as Logitech.

I would be very please if at least a few of you respond to this.

The Razer Onza got consistent bad reviews on newegg, and I personally don't like Razer. I have both the deathadder and lycosa, and the deathadder, while a decent mouse overall, is impossible to open without breaking it. The lycosa feels like cheap plastic all throughout, which I could've have gotten similar quality at $10, over the $45 I got on sale, with a discount.

I'd go for the tried and true controller:


Just being a bit Cautious but, does this work with Windows 7, I mean it says Winxp so I am kinda worried that it might only work for WIndows XP, so yeah. Just a cautious question that is all.

I'd buy a used xbox controller, or if you have a PS3/Xbox360 wired or wireless you would just need the wireless dongle.


Just go to the store and buy a wired Xbox 360 controller. They work fine on the pc, any year. Updates the drivers for you and everything.

To quote one Newegg review:

Pros: Works as designed. Feels just like an xbox controller. Crysis recognized right away. On Windows 7 , I just plugged in and it worked. Great price...I mainly got it for ACIII coming up.

Cons: None...

Other Thoughts: I didn't try it with the xbox yet