PC Case for Backpack

Are there any good cases that can fit in a backpack?  I think the Fractel Design Node 304 will fit my backpack but is there any good alternatives.


well depends on the size of your backpack,if you want to take your pc to a lan party or friends house i would recommend a high-end laptop due to portability or get a case such as the CM Storm Scout 2 which has a handle for you to carry around your rig

Lian Li makes cases that look like a small suitecase. Very cute :)





I kind of like those but i'm trying to keep it around $100.

The backpack I currently own can fit nearly fit a whole entire full size micro-ATX case. It is a rosewill backpack, let me find the link again


i dont know if this one will fit in your bag. p.s there are diffrent colors to get, black or white ones are cheaper!. but the green looks sexy.


or if you want to get cheaper, you can also look at a coolermaster elite 120, but i personaly realy like the looks of the prodigy.

I measured my backpack and the Node 304 fits no problem. I'll probably end up going with that unless I see anything else.  Thanks for all of the responces!