Pc Building help (Refreshedx2)

Hi im going  to build Pc for gaming.And i need ur opinion . I dont rlly want to spend a lot more than 1100$ on it so i want to Build this Pc with good price/Performance ratio . My final build probably will look like  this :

http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Kuzo/saved/1CFk  AMD FX-8350 + 7950HD


  1. What do i need more extra fans or cables smth u will recomend ?
  2. Give me if u have any better options for PSU
  3. -\- Gpu  
  4. Reply asap 

Regards Kuzo

For now thanx to:

Berserker for giving me page where to start http://pcpartpicker.com 

feralshad0w for Moba & Video Card but not now :( mayby later when i will be upgradeing it )

Scia and feralshad0w for giving me better CPU(i will not use it but thx)

Chillazilla for giving me smaller case

brennanriddell & Berserker better Gpu 


The x79 mobo isn't even compatible with the processors you've listed. This is a total mash-up of parts that cross different socket types, they simply won't work. www.pcpartpicker.com will allow you to configure a build without using incompatible parts. Or I am sure someone here will do it for you.
[br]Edit: As a starting point, I would recommend an i5. You don't need an i7 for gaming. You can use the Asrock extreme4 z77 mobo you listed. 

Since nobody has beat me to it, here is a quick parts list:
[br]I saw that your budget was $1100, so I configured this quickly. I'm not familiar with some American parts/brands/prices. I've left the SSD out, you can change any of these parts, it's just a good starting point. 

CPU: 3570k will serve you well in a gaming rig

Mobo: Asus Z77 Sabertooth if you are looking for those.

GPU: AMD will give you a better fps / $. if you have this 400ish $ for the GPU go for a 7970. This is really the part of the system you should be investing the most in.

RAM: Fine 8gb will do for gaming

SSD: Samsung 840pro is a very nice SSD.

HDD: Running a 3TB version of it, it's nice.

PSU: Stay the hell away from OCZ psus. Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, and some XFX make good PSUs, don't cheap out on the PSU!

Case: Really up to your preference. Cannot tell you much, just make sure it's ATX compatible and will fit a GPU-lengh that goes with your GPU ^^


Using your general theme I would go with:

Mobo: Asrock extreme4 $134

CPU: i5-3570k $220   Cooler: cooler master 212 evo $30

GPU: EVGA GTX 660 ti FTW signiture2 $299

Ram: Gskill sniper 1600 CL9 1.25v 8 GB DDR3 $67

SSD: ADATA XPG SX900 128 GB $114.99 (boot drive and regular programs.)

HDD: 2x Seagate Barracuda 500 GB $120 Split the use for longer life (one for games, one for media/download)

PSU: Corsair Enthusiast Series 850-Watt $119.99

Case: NZXT Guardian Black SECC Steel Chassis ATX  Blue $69.99 ( it will handle it all)

This is a baddass system for $1114 (priced on newegg.com, not including tax). and you can probably find a couple better prices at other sites. This is a powerhouse and will run all the games you can throw at it. I would recommend getting additional case fans down the line to keep things cool in those summer months.

I have the same motherboard, CPU, and ram and can say they work great. You can upgrade GPU later too. I have a gtx 680 4GB in my system  with no bottlenecks and etc.




[quote]I have a gtx 680 4GB in my system  with no bottlenecks and etc[/quote]

Every system is bottlenecked somewhere ^^

smart ass... lol. yes, but im not hitting them with any games I play at 1920x1200. AA might hamper things in a couple but I am playing at full resolution so I dont usually run high AA. Everything is a solid 60 fps or more.

Anyway my point is that the i53570k wouldnt bottleneck a GPU upgrade should he choose to upgrade later (most probably anyway.)

my advice would be get the nzxt phantom 410 rather than the guardian. it will definitely fit all your needs and more. its great for cable management and cooling as well. sorry for lowercase im working off my phone.

Refreshed take look on it :)

Z77 Sabertooth is extremely overpriced.

OCZ PSUs are great - all companies have crappy models, by the way - invest in a good one, and you'll be fine.

It is looking better. I think we could help you optimise it a little more, and maybe pick out a 7950. For a $1100, I think that is entirely possible

You asked for 7950, you get 7950.


AMD FX 8350 - very solid CPU. I'd choose it over the 3570k in 99% of all situations. Highly likely upgrade path, and great power for the price.

The Asus M5A97 is a great board built off of the 970FX chipset, so you can overclock that 8350. It has a nice UEFI BIOS, and industry leading included software, such as AI Suite. Nice solid digital VRM, as well.

The MSI Twin Frozr 7950; more expensive than the Sapphire and XFX 7950s, but well worth it. Fantastic cooler, and stunning looks. More than enough power to crank out 60+ FPS on most, if not all games on 1080p. Solid build material, and great PCB/components - you can overclock it very well :)

Seasonic G 550 - 80+ Gold, 550W, great voltage regulation, great build quality, and semi-modularity. I can't recommmend this PSU enough; great price for high efficiency, and a perfect wattage for any single GPU system.

Now, I went a bit over for a reason - the Samsung 840 250GB SSD is on sale for $160 right now, which is aridiculous deal. You could scale back to a 120GB Sammy 840, 128GB 840 Pro, etc., etc., to save money, but 250GB is a great size, and for that price, you can't complain. I also put a 1TB Seagate SV35.5 HDD in there - solid choice for the price. Much better than the Baraccuda drives, which have upwards of a 30% failure rate.

The Fractal Design R4 is a great case, and this particular model has a window. It is on sale, right now, for $90, which is a great price for what you're getting. If you don't want a window, you can replace it with the non-windows R4 for the same price.

8GB of G.SKILL Sniper memory - overclocks well, and is good looking. Low-profile enough to fit under large heatsinks; pretty cheap, as well.

To overclock your 8350, I threw in a nice air cooler, the Phanteks PH-TC12DX. It will handle a 4.6gHz easily, and upwards of 4.8gHz, if you have a really nice chip, voltage-wise.

And, no, I'm not going to make a socket 2011 rig for $1100. Well, I might...

I quite like that build. Though, it isn't socket 2011.

OP, I think you should get something along the lines of this. At 1100, this is going to be your best all round gaming experience.

You could even save money on the HDD by getting a Seagate Barracuda ;D


BOOM! Socket 2011 with a 7950, for $1084.01.

I wouldn't get a Baraccuda - the failure rate is too risky, for me.

Refreshed give me your feedback:)

brennanriddell  i cant use SSD recommended by u 1. its not shipped to Poland so i cant buy it. 2.its too expensive in Poland othervise .

brennanriddell & Berserker what about Psu what about overclocking and upgrading(ex.GPU) it is enough ? mayby i should spend little bit more money and get smth bigger (650/750W)? I dont rlly want to spend  money on next PSU when upgrading...


Also there are 3 things that i want to last the same 

  1.  Case I want that case its just beautiful(for me) and it can handle all of these parts
  2. SSD I used to use Kingstone and i rely on that brand
  3. CPU Cooling i have bunch of friends using this cooling and they are so satisfied it also have good price/performance for me .

If they don't ship the 840 to Poland, do they ship any of the other Samsung SSDs? If not, I'd check out the ADATA SX900, Kingston Hyper 3K (since you like Kingston - fantastic SSD), and the Crucial M4 - if any of those ship to Poland, they are all great choices.

As for the PSU, if you plan on getting more graphics cards in the future (not replacements, but cards for Crossfire or SLI), then you should grab a larger PSU. A good 750W PSU will handle triple 7950s, but you may want to step up to an 850W PSU just to be safe for efficiency and longevity. Otherwise, if you only plan on getting two cards max, a 650W or 750W PSU will be just fine, with 750W being pretty overkill, but including a lot of room for CPU upgrades. I'd look into the Lepa G650 Mas for a larger PSU.

If you want a beautiful case, check out the Fractal Design R4 and Arc Midi R2 - both are gorgeous, but not expensive. They will last you a while :)


If they don't ship the 840 to Poland, do they ship any of the other Samsung SSDs?

I mean this shop which gives that discount right now so = i would have to buy it at normal price. 

Fractal Design R4 and Arc Midi R2

I saw them earlier and its not my style they are great design especially Fractal but Stil Nzxt :) Why u re trying to change nzxt ? Your own pereferences/plastic materials &look/price? I want to know.

 Lepa G650 Mas any one used it any opinions i never heard of that brand can i rely on it that it will handle it without breaking and last for a while ?

SSD Kingstone why? vs others price in Poland is almost the same (Crucials are almost ungetable) and Adata i just dont know this brand 10$ less and 8 GB more not rlly if i dont rely on it (my feelings).

If sm1 is interested why its so important for me;

In Poland minimum wage is 1600zł so its about 500$

In USA (i dont know exactly) about 1300$ so its about 4245zł

Over all building 1200$ Pc in Poland is extreamly expensive its like 8/9 months of saving money ive saved about 3500zł now in more than 1 year peroid so its like buying a new car for me.And the saddest thing in all that is small diversification of parts avilable off-the-shelf .Also shipping to Poland is about 90$ +taxes and + duty =.=