Pc build

So here I am building a new pc so this is what I am gonna be using 


I7 3790k CPU

Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2 motherboard


Corsair H100i heatsink

G.Skill Ripjaws X series 16GB PC3-12800

Corsair RM series RM850 Power Supply


Would that be a good build ? or what should I change

What is your budget and what is your use case scenario

budget is well really non essential and the case is well i am thinking the CM storm trooper

I assume you mean the i7-4790k?

Consider a noctua nh-D14 if you want both cooling capacity and silence.  The H100i is noisy unless you change the fans.

A 750w power supply will do just fine with two gtx 970s and whatever overclocking you do- these are not power hungry cards.

"use case scenario", or "what are you going to use the thing for"

If you are just overclocking, a 600W PSU will do you fine. If you want more GPU power, get the 980 before you get a second 970, and then you would probably want a 750W PSU, but never really 850W PSU.

I also agree with Some Tech Noob about the H100i. The NH-D14 will still wreck with cooling and overclocking capacity, but be quieter.

As for a case, I would recommend a Corsair Vengeance C70 over a CM Storm Trooper. It still has carrying handles, but looks nicer, and has a better cooling setup in my opinion.

Good luck!


if I was going to build an extreme gamer for myself ... I would buy this


keep in mind that $800 of this is monitor and the fact that I can't afford anything but the GPU   lol

Listen to Some Tech Noob, get a Noctua cooler instead of that h100i. If you really go with a high-end motherboard like that you might want to consider faster RAM, it's not that much of a difference in price.

Maybe the PSU might seem a bit oversized but I'd still stick with it since it's an RM-series PSU which means it's semi-passive. So as long as you are not putting much load on the system, the fan might stay off. Nice and quiet.

Or the Seasoning X or Platinum PSUs, they are also semi-passive