Pc build with intel q8200

I need a build with a old Intel Q8200 already got a radeon 7750 and 2 sticks of ddr2 ram  need a motherboard and a case and psu. I already have a 250 watt generic power supply but thinking of getting a cx430 and a aftermarket cooler. i am taking these out of my old Acer Aspire M3802

my budget would be around $170 disregarding the power supply

ps i live in australia so the prices are a bit higher than in the states


sell the q8200 and get a q6600 g0 they overclock like beasts, got mine running on 3.42Ghz 24/7

as for the memory try to get at least 6gB and look for a 520watt or more psu.

should be way below your budget.

almost my whole pc is second hand. i pick them up from the dutch version of craigslist (marktplaats)