PC build under $1000 for gaming and editing

My budget is 1000 dollars but I would like to stay under that if possible.

i want to run A sapphire 7850 or and xfx 7850, also it needs to include windows 8 and a wifi adapter like the asus pce n15 will need keyboard and mouse also (doesn't really matter as long as they they work decently).

i was wondering if I should go for the AMD FX-8350 or the Intel i5-3570k ?

also I want a atx mid tower. Well thanks in advance people.:)

For gaming, both CPUs will be prety much the same, the GPU will be holding you back there.

All the builds,you could get better peripherals or a better CPU cooler with the left over money. Or maybe a SSD.

8350: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/fishymamba/saved/26dK

Intel 3570K build: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/fishymamba/saved/26dO

Intel Haswell 4670K build: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/fishymamba/saved/26dP

Not really a big difference in price.

The Haswell and 8350 will have very similar performance. 3570K will beat the 8350 in single threaded tasks, vice versa in multi threaded tasks. Won't matter much in games. While editing the 8350 will beat the 3570K.

Both systems will be very very similar, I don't think you will see a difference while actually using the computer. 

If you will be gaming a lot, I would save up a bit more cash and get a 7950 or GTX 760. They will provide a significant price boost, but they cost ~$250-$300

Exactly what fishy said, i'll leave this here: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1o2kd

i don't recommend the 7850 though, you could do alot better for the same sort of money


Ok thanks any GPUs I should look at in particular

So I was looking at a EVGA 760 2gb for $260 on newegg would a 600 watt psu handle it?