PC Build Trouble

hello everyone! so i just finished my pc build (or so i thought) and connected to a monitor. i turn on the pc and everything starts up, all the fans run (case,cpu,gpu,psu) but the monitor says no signal. any help with some trouble shooting would be appreciated.

I had a similar problem when I did my build. I had simply not seated my video card or ram correctly. open it up and make sure that all parts are as far into the slots as they will go. Also, don't forget to perform the "idiot checks" like makeing sure your monitor is plugged in, EXT.


ok great thx. will try that now

still nothing

did you do a check before placing everything into the case. If you did and you had know issues it could be something like connections between parts, however if you did not do this step than its possible one of your parts is disfunctional.

Make sure your monitor is set to the right input just to double check if it's on HDMI instead of DVI. Check your 6/8 pin power connectors on your GPU is fastened correctly.

Scratch the power connection on the GPU, you said it was running.


try the monitor input as mentioned above if that should work try using onboard graphics (if you have those) instead of the GPU.

Normally during POST the frist thing the POST will test is the video output if that's not working the mobo will either make some beeb sounds or flash the indicator lights in a certain order (should be listed in the manual somewhere I think)

Try using a  different PCIe slot as well or a different cable to connect the PC to the monitor.

By the sound of it it's either a problem with the GPU, the GPU power cable, the monitor input, the PCIe slot of the GPU or the VGA/DVI/HDMI cable connecting the PC to the monitor.

Does your motherboard/CPU have video on board? If it does then plug that in rather than your GPU, if it works then you know you have GPU issues one way or another (seating, PCIe slot, GPU itself).

thanks everyone for the input help and suggestions. the problem ended up being that i needed to connect with a DVI cable instead of a HDMI cable which was the only cable included with the monitor. i can only connect with HDMI after my graphics card driver has been installed.