Pc build questions... getting old

not sure about the rest of you guys, but this "forum" has kinda turned into the "check out my build before i buy it".

as much as i love suggesting hardware, its getting a little old. not sure if the rest of you guys feel the same way. 


Lots of us feel the same way. Every now and then, I suggest stuff, but the place is swamped with build questions. Sometimes I take breaks, for a few days or weeks. We should just make a list of builds, in different budgets( like $50 in between) for different purposes. Matter fact, I'll try right now( for gaming)

If it's on "build a pc", I've got no issues. That section should be for peer reviews and I have no issues. "hey, is this ok?". They're just checking to be sure.

The subheading to the 'Build a PC' forum is "Need help with your build? Have a list of parts you are thinking about? Post it here. Also, feel free to post videos, images, and part lists from your latest builds." People are just coming here for some friendly advice from people with an extent knowledge of computers. That's what it's for.