PC build Problems HELP!

so, my friend built his pc, and he couldn't get it working. so i went over and had a look.

the pc is not outputting any signal to the monitor, so we've tested several things:

the GPU- we put the GPU in another build, and it works fine

we've also put another GPU in the not working build, and again we had no output.


all cables are plugged in, we've tried everything from HDMI to mini-display port, to VGA nothing worked...

all fans work, no beeps from the motherboard speaker...

so, we've come to the conclusion that something is wrong with the MOBO...

what do you think?


CPU= FX-6300


MOBO= AsRock 970 extreme3

Kinda need more detail.. Anything could be wrong :/

have you tried using one of the ouputs on the motherboard itself?

well the thing is, this motherboard doesnt have those

what do you need to know? 

If you've already tried changing the RAM then try swapping the CPUs and if nothing changes then your motherboard is probably DOA