PC Build Problem (With Video)

Just put together my first PC and heres the problem.


-fx 8350
-asus sabertooth r2.0 am3+ $190.00 model
-gigabyte 7950
-nzxt 750w 80 plus bronze modular
-corsair h60 gen 2

What bios vershon has it got? the At launch that mobo dident support amd piledriver it was originaly shiped out with v0219 bios piledriver needs the v1006 bios 

You can look on your mobo for its revison it will looks a little like this 



1503 but i used ez flash to get it down to 1101 the update to support am3+ to see if that worked and nothing.

Did you try a differnt psu yet? i noticed the psu fan wasent spining

yeah it was. i moved the camera to show it but must not be visible but it def. spings though.

Some here seam to be haveing the same problem http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/325095-30-asus-990fx-posting but none has sused it yet.

i'd just send the cpu and motherboard back for new ones 

i filed the rma for cpu with amazon and they are sending a new one as for the mobo im going to get a sempron 145 to see if the mobo works with the original cpu socket. plus its cheap. if it doesnt work il rma the mobo.