PC build opinions

I was thinking of building my first high end PC and the store i went to recommended me to buy those parts. I live in Iceland and I am told this is the best store to buy PC parts in. How ever as a consumer i wanted second opinions and I have been following you guys for couple of months now and I thought it might be good idea to ask you guys. Sorry for my bad grammar English is my third language


ASRock 990fx extreme  ATX AM3+


AMD Piledriver X8 FX-8350 4.0GHz Black    + Corsair H80I closed system liquid cooler.


R9 290X


G.Skill 16gb 2x8GB ares 2133 ddr3


 Thermaltake T2 700W


Corsair carbide 500R


1.5TB seagate and 1TB samsung might buy SSD

I will read all suggestions thanks and consider them :)

Is it a gaming PC? If yes, you only need 8 gb of ram. Get a decent aftermarket CPU cooler, the stock one is really loud and ineffective. 700w is a bit overkill. SSD ?

Yea forgot to mention that he told me to buy corsair h80i closed system liquid cooler.
yes i was thinking og making this is a gaming pc, And yea i might buy SSD but i already have two other HDDS 1.5TB seagate and 1TB samsung one.

I would stay away from those closed loop liquid coolers.

Their quality is terrible, I once had an H100. It was noisy the first days and unbearable the next week. You will find many people complaining about the pump noise on other forums too.

Also, you would be screwed should the pump, the fitting or say the tubing break. And sooner or later it will happen with this kind of product.

Last, performance wise, a good air cooler like the NH-D14 would be just as good, I'm talking from personal experience. If you're comparing it to an H80.

If you really want to water cool your CPU look into making a custom loop. It will not only perform better but you will have the freedom to easily replace anything that could stop working after some years without having to contact some lousy support. It will of course be more expensive.

Good luck with your build!


Been hearing mixed reviews of the R9 290X some say its way to hot and loud others say its built for that heat and its alright i can ignore the noise if its paying off. Can anyone tell me something of the heat of the card whats its running stock and what it can get upto and if thats alright ?

It can easily hit 96C on the stock cooler, at which point it can begin throttling its clock speed by 25%.

However, if you are willing to install an aftermarket VGA cooler (Arctic Accelero Extreme III, for example) you can get a good overclock and still see the card stay below 70C.

I'd recommend either doing that, waiting for non-reference coolers, or buying a GTX 780 (Ti). The stock cooler on the 290X is very inadequate.

Is that the only PSU available at the store?You'd want a quality PSU for a performance machine like this.Do see if you can find Seasonic or Corsair.They are the top tier PSU manufacturers.

Those are just the specs he gave me. He said that PSU would do. Ill see if i can find any Corsair that he will recommend. :)

Things to look out for when looking for a power supply:

80+ Certified(Bronze, Silver, or whatever rating)

Not CoolMax

Single +12V Rail(usually makes wiring simpler, and is stronger)

Wondering if i should buy 290 instead of the 290x what does the 290x have to offer for that extra price?

R9 290 is pretty much the card with some of the best price/performance ratio right now.  Performs right up there with the 290X/GTX 780

Can you tell me if that motherboard is competible with the 8350?

It is.

Yes, the motherboard is compatible with piledriver. Most people here recommend Asus M5A99fx Pro/Evo boards to go with it. But I think the Asrock board will work just fine as well.