PC Build in progress

I'm starting to put together my pc.  Buying parts on sale as often as I can when I can.

I'm wondering what parts I should try to buy first.  I'm slightly worried that I'll order my GPU won't have a system to put it into and test and it will be DOA but I won't know until it is too late... Stuff like that...

So I'm wondering if I were to start building a PC by buying 2 or 3 parts a month what parts should I buy first?

I'm going to start with the heatsink since it is on sale now for 33% off from Newegg.  But I'd like to hear any other advice you guys have...

Here is my build. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/U5IL

AMD 8350

Xigmatek DK NH


EVGA 670 FTW Sig2

16gb Corsair Vengence LP

128gb OCZ Vertex 4

1tb Western Digital Blue

XFX 750w Gold PSU

Fractal Design Arc Midi R2

I'd hold on to your money until you can afford to buy the whole system. As prices for this current spec will get lower. Also newer hardware will inevtabily come out and you may be able to get something better for the same price.

I know you want to start getting things for a build, but it is best to get them all in one go.

Replace that 670 with a 7970, and you have a very solid build. Both what GameBrakr and Zang said are extremely valid.

I guess that's true... I've just been staring at these parts for about for weeks and I need to get going on it before I have to start using my money for boring things... like food... and heat...

Thanks for the advice both of you.

Yeah I've spent a lot of time on this part list and I'm very happy with it. Maybe if I wait long enough for the GPU I'll be able to grab a 680 =P

I'm going with CUDA for Adobe (Starting in Adobe will give me more options for the future since the next version is going to support Open CL) plus I feel more comfortable going with the EVGA.  They make great product and have great support.