PC Build Ideas

Hi, I have an Intel i7 2700k laying around my house and I was wondering what kind of PC I should build with it. I already have my main PC which is the z87 chipset with a i7 4770k and I want to build another PC with the 2700k but im not sure what kind of PC I should build. I was thinking like a media PC or a streaming, but if I made a streaming PC I don't think it would be worth it as my upload speed is only like 4mbs. So if you guys have any cool ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks!

you could make a steambox or htpc for your living room or something

Thanks ragingh4vok.. I think I want to make it an HTPC, but I am not sure what software I would need to put on it and if I would actually use it that much. Is a steam box like a little console type machine for the steam application or what?


Benching and extreme, exotic OC. Get LN2, phase changing, and some insane mobo to make that Sandy fly.

I have accomplished some basic OC's with this chip like up to 4.8ghz stable, but I could just make a new build with it and do a custom water cooling loop with it. I have always wanted to give a custom loop a shot.