Pc build help


so i am building a pc and based my build around the new bit fenix prodigy m and i wanted to know if anyone can make a better pc than i did for a lower price.

i only need a few things since i have some parts already

these are the parts i chose

(all parts are being bought from overclockers as its the only place i could find the prodigy)

case:bit fenix prodigy m (£74.95)

processor:amd fx 6300 black edition (£89.99)

motherboard:asus m5a78l (£52.99)

ram:corsair vengence 8gb (£39.95)

optical drive:the cheapest one i could find (£11.99)

power supply:corsair builder series 430w modular power supply(£43.99)

graphics card:saphire 7870 ghz edition 2gb (£155.99)


mouse:mad catz rat 3 (£33.95)

keyboard:zalman  zmk200m (£9.95)

total including shipping:£534.26

i want to be able to play battlefield 4.

is there anything i should do differently or is there anything coming out that i should wait for (i seen the the new amd video cards)

but i would really like to decrease the price of these components because my budget is slighty lower than this i want to keep the following in the build

power supply 





May want to re-think that motherboard matey as its a full size atx. Not gonna fit in a prodigy. The prodigy-m case is for m-atx boards. The original prodigy is for mini itx boards.

build >> http://ocau.com/pix/hwvdk  noticed you didnt include a hdd in your build list so I put one in. If you dont need one then i suggest swapping out the 7870 for the cheapest 7950.

+ your mouse and keyboard.

thanks i didnt notice the mobo was atx

I'd suggest a better PSU:


Also, a Hyper 212 is not needed now.  You can always buy one and overclock later.

Just a note on the Prodigy M: it has horrible airflow.  All the hot air is meant to be exhausted out the bottom, which is counter-productive as it is best to have the hot air exhaust upward(hot air rises), or have a type of windtunnel setup.  The PSU needs to be efficient as it will be the main source of heat on the bottom.

FYI both the xfx and antec units are rebadged seasonic psu's.