PC build help

So this is my first time building my own system completely from the ground up and i just wanted to make sure that everything i got should work well and im getting the most bang for my buck. here's the parts list i have so far, http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1wErh , which includes the OS, i would appreciate any suggestions that you might have. I'm looking to stay at that same price point of $700, so please don't reccomend anything that would increase the price drastically. The main reason i picked this motherboard is because it has usb headers and the sata ports are in good positions, i was looking at an asrock 970 extreme4 but the sata ports face out the side of the board and i didn't like that. and i can't tell but i think this board has plenty of fan headers. that's fairly important to me also. This machine is going to be used mostly for gaming and streaming, also i can't decide if i really need an aftermarket cpu cooler or not. And it is worth noting that i already have a 700gb and a 75gb HDD, so the SSD won't be my only storage in this system. Thanks in advance! **UPDATED BUILD IN COMMENTS**


Don't overclock it, you will need a better motherboard for that.

i don't really think i need a 6 core processor for anything, i don't plan on rendering anything ever, and i realized when i said streaming i meant streaming video online, not actually running my own streams. and i would prefer to keep the adata ssd rather than another mechanical drive. and if im not mistaken that motherboard doesn't have 6Gb/s sata ports right? i would like to have that, unless it's just absolutely not necessary.

The ssd is very good and the cpu will be good for the next 2-3 years.


Here's the updated version of my build with a different motherboard, http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1wUjG , like i said unless the cpu is significantly better i think  im better off with the quad core.

The "560 ti" is not worth it for the money, getting the 7950 will pay off in the long run. 


Better and cheaper PSU: