PC Build Help, CPU Cooler

Hi, just here with a question for you guys, opinions and so on.

Soon im planning on upgrading my PC to the high end Intel i7 range. £400 is my max range, thats to include the CPU, Motherboard and Heatsink. I really would like to keep the i7-2600K im planning on getting. I render a lot of videos and use other heavy application in that area. I also record to youtube so a 2600K over my Phenom II 965 would allow me to record emulated games such as PS2 games cleanly as well as heavy pc game such as Max Payne 3, but the price of the 2600K is about as high as i can go.

Here is a list of all the fashizzle.



Those two are pretty set in stone, though im leway on the motherboard im pretty much happy with it as it has SATA III, USB 3.0, PCI-E 3.0 and crossfire support but im not too botherd about that.

CPU coolers is what i need REAL help with. Whilst i can look and see whats the best graphics cards or CPU's it's much harder with CPU Coolers as non are really the right choice as they always seem to vary in tests.


Thats the EVGA Superclock, this is meant to cool better than a H70 in these tests.


So, for basically for £45 you have an amazing cooler, with great looks, well know tursted solid brand.

But then we have the Zalman CNPS series, the 9900 and the 12x Ultimate



Yet these are suppose to cool amazing well to just at increased prices and very large awkward shape. Now i've had many people telling me this that and so on. A close mate of mine uses the CM V6 and he says its's amazing.


As we can see here, Spire Thermax Eclipse II is rated as the best CPU cooler in this well knows top 5 list that is updated quite often and as you look in the benchmarks it performs admirably. 

So im mainly torn bettween the Spire Thermax Eclipse II and the EVGA Superclock as they are my style, elegent and sleek but rustic and strong but easy to work with and perform really well.

So, what do you think is the greatest CPU cooler, trying to keep within a budget and no watercooling systems. With the EVGA the system in total would cost around £389 so just within budget and according to this it would keep it as cool as possible. Overclocking would be nice but not straight away so dont think about overclocking for now.

I noticed that the room temperature on the EVGA cooler test is significantly lower than the Corsair's, wondering you why EVGA's performs better than the Corsair's. I have heard before from some people that it does perform well, so you can't go wrong with them. The CM V6 is quite popular out there and I think a well-known user here on TS has one and he's very happy with it.

But if you like the looks of the EVGA Superclock cooler, go for it. Their brand is hugely popular right now.

I am very partial to the Havik 140(It is cooling my i5 2500k right now). The noctua D-14 is also very good.

I was told about something called the Prolimatech Super Mega so i researched that and it's a beast of a cooler as is ranked as one of the best you can get. but overall i've come to the conclustion that i can't really go wrong with most of these choices so i went with the Super Mega as its about £55 for OcUK and when overclocked performs better than a NH-D14 and thte Zalman X11 (My mate has a Zalman with a 2700K at 4.6GHz) so at least i know what temps im aimning for if i do some overclocking on the cooler.

So far my set up is:

2700K (I felt lazy i just wanted that extra 100MHz xD)

ASUS P8Z77 LE (Went out a bit extra on the motherboard, the Gigabyte cost less but this has the same features but i really like the BIOS on this motherboard and they are dead easy to overclock with and they also support 'Disk Unlocked' needed to get the last 1TB out of my 3TB HDD without having to format all the data on it so for an extra £20 i though it be best)

Then the Promliatech Super Mega, £405 in total so not a cheap investment but im sure it will do wonders.

I liked Prolimatech's coolers. In fact they performed very well in most tests from different sites. Although I do remember that their first Megahalems had a revised design (rev. B). The better ones are quite expensive, especially the Megashadow, which was a bit hard to get back them, but they looked really elegant.

I agree, the Super Mega is take from the Megahalems and improved slightly, but its about an extra £10 over them so it should perform great. Its more of an overclocking Cooler im going to say as it pulls away from the competion the higher you go in temps keeping them down. But yeah i don't have a lot of money but i'd rather not cheap out on something and regret it later. The Prolimatech coolers seem to get a lot of praise and the design is nice, maybe not as nice as the EVGA one but i dont care too much about looks :)

Do you think getting a 2700K is somewhat pointless, specialy on a budget and just save around £10 and get the 2600K as i can overclock it to 3.5GHz myself easily of course. But i cant find much about the 2700K at all, like does it overclock better, does it have better voltage mangment and so on, so im a bit conflicted, plus the 2700K been a new chip (Some say its a binned 2600K chip though) may hold better optmization but as said i cant find much about it.

I don't see any point getting a 2700K over the 2600K, if you're too tight on the budget. The 2600K is still hugely praised, even by overclockers.

When it comes to air, Noctua NH14D .. Where as if its liquid cooling, go for a FULL liquid cooled set up. But you can always go with the H100.. however if your going to dish out for the H100 might as well go with the Noctua NH14D cause its similar performance.


From what i've seen on reviews and quite a lot of becnhmarks is the NH-D14 and the Super Mega are equal in power (Super Mega only had one fan on to add) but when they started overclocking, increasing the voltage of thet CPU and so on the Super Mega pulled away from the NH-D14, Zalman 11x, 9900 and the Silver Arrow (all those were clumped at the top with the same temps other than the 9900) so the Super Mega is £8 cheaper then the NH-D14 yet has more overclocking ability so i though that was the better of the two choices to get, with the intrested of mony taken into consieration and what ive seen. Both are great coolers i bet of course and either would be amazing in a system.

I guess its a choice i will decide when i get to it. If i have that extra money to i will just get the 2700K for the meer sake of 100MHZ.

I've read the 2700K has better voltages and with luck you get a good chip you can overclock a 2700K to 5GHz with less voltage needed than a 2600K. Of course thats down to luck and i doubt you'd get 5GHz on an air cooled system, 4.8GHz maybe just barley but anyway.

Ether CPU will be great its all down to pay day, bill day, and then me day to see how much i'll have. I just found a tenner under the couch, bloody cat haha so at least my budgets getting rosiser eh :P 

Cheers for the help and opinions from everyone.