PC build for video editing and gaming


I was wondering where I should upgrade my current PC to make it more video editing orientated and more gaming orientated.

I have started to use HitFilm 2 and I was reading that they make good use of the GPU in their program.

My current build is:

i3 2120,
GT 640,
8GB of RAM,
2x250GB HDD,
650w Tesla power supply (If I remember correctly),
Asus P8B75-V LGA 1155 motherboard,

I would like to know your opinion on turning this into a mid-level performance editing PC. What would you change.

I would be rendering for 1080p and I play games such as Skyrim and Euro Truck Simulator 2

I think perhaps I should stick with Intel Ivy-bridge since I still have an OK motherboard.

My main question I think what CPU/GPU should I get?

Thank you very much for your time and opinions :)

If you think that you need it you should probably upgrade both CPU and GPU, maybe MoBo too.

What is your budget?

Here is a list of stuff that might work for about 430$:


Thanks, I was thinking of sticking with Intel as I wouldn't have to get a new motherboard.

if you want to stick with intel and your mobo supports ivy bridge, a i5-3570 would be a great cpu for gaming and video editing. Also, i founf a great deal on XFX HD 7870 GPU, wich is basically an R9 270(X).


Thank you very much