PC Build for pro audio workstation/recording studio


Greetings Logan - Wendell & everyone else ... whatzzzuupp?!

I was wondering if you guys "with your god like knowledge of all things TEK" could help me design / build a "budget friendly" pro audio PC music creation work station / virtual recording studio.

Will mainly be using software synths, sequencers, loopers, Vst. instruments, As well as real time guitar and midi-controllers.

I plan on running software including but not limited to: Fruityloops,Cakewalk, Native Instrments, Giutar Rig5, Absynth, Albetan Live, Cuebase, Propellerheads Reason, ect. And far too many Vst & Vsti instuments to list.

Keeping in mind that these programs tend to be extremely CPU INTENSIVE and LATANCY CRITICAL.

Feel free to write me back, any input on this subject is welcome.

Never give up!  Never surrender!

PS - It would be cool if you had the time and interest to design a build where money is no object "just for the contrast in comparison". Actually just to make me feel bad 'cause I can't afford the best of the best. lol


What is your Budget? 


I was just about to make a post exactly like this one! I would say go for an I7 because DAW's take advantage of hyper-threading. This is all I have gathered so far though.. lol... So if anyone could help us out it would be greatly appreciated.

I am disabled and live on a very limited income,

so the cheaper the better

hypothetically  $700 to $800

Thanks again


I'm not sure if you can fit a $330 i7 into a low end budget such as this one.  I'm not good in this field, but if your software can take advantage of many threads, perhaps look into the FX-8350.

I agree with the Tech Noob, i7 vs FX-8350 in a $800 budget..... give yourself a pat on the back if you can pull that off with the i7 without bottle necking everything.


The 8320 is also a great option, if you need money put elsewhere.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2Dw5N Here is this if you need a OS. Should meet your needs. If you already have an OS, and you might want to have more ram for editing with, plus a SSD for your OS and programs, then this might do the trick. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2Dwg2

NOOO!!! THAT MOTHERBOARD AND THAT PROCESSOR?! HOLY FUCK NO! You will fry that sucker so fast its not even funny! I would only trust that motherboard with a fx-4100, a 6300 may even be stretching it 

basically what caveman said.



No.  Pretty shit build and will very likely fry itself on you.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2DwB0 How is this then?

I do have a question for you.

How much do you REALLY know about computers?

Because it looks like you're making recommendations with little knowledge, and then making constant revisions as people of the forum bash on you.

Also do keep in mind that the people here are looking for relatively professional information, and are very likely to buy what one says here.  If what one recommends here does not perform to OP's standards, then people in this hobby would be turned away.  Every word counts, and every suggestion counts.

Actually, this is the first time that someone has majorly bashed my build. They might have some other reccommendations, but I haven't had it this bad before. I kind of took a few month hiatus from computer builds to focus on schooling, so that might have something to do with it. I just go with what I know and am always learning more. What else in this build would you change? From my knowledge, that is a decent mobo, decent processor. Cheap case, but he could change it if he wanted. The ram is cheap, and can be changed. I just tried to find the cheapest set of 2 module 16gb ram to make sure it would fit in the budget. The psu is not the greatest psu in the world, I know. However, it is decent for the price and should work fine for him, with some leeway room in case he wants to upgrade. SSD is a good quality ssd, same with the hdd. The cpu cooler is good, and althought it isn't the best thing in the world, it is definitely better than the stock cooler that comes with the cpu. Honestly, I thought the graphics card was the hardest decision, because it is a limited budget and more of an editing build. I didn't want to give him something powerful enough he would never need, but I also didn't want to give him something too low grade and old, so I thought maybe one of the new AMD cards would do the trick, and that is the one I decided on. Please, let me know what parts in this you disagree with, what you would replace it with, and why you feel it is a better choice. Like I said, I am still trying to expand my knowledge on the subject, and people's opinions on parts definitely help!

That motherboard is so old its not even funny. It is on the 760G chipset... Some motherboards on the 970 chipset can't use a 8*** series part, let alone one that old. It has a revision to get usb 3.0 on it. That means it was out before Usb 3.0 was. The motherboard only supports 16gb's of ram. I don't think it can even use an 8gb stick. I'd bet you'd have to use 4x4gbs sticks of ram to use 16gb's of ram. Also you are over paying at that price for that ssd. That is not A-Data's best drive, but you are paying for one. You should have got a kingston v300 for less and it might have been slightly faster. You should have also just skiped the cpu cooler, ya the AMD one sucks, but you NEED that money in the motherboard. Also graphics card, you should have spent $5 more and got a R9 270 or a Gtx 660. It would have been a big improvement and cheaper in the case of the Gtx 660.

I sense a war arrising!!!

Considering non of the people on this thread seem to ever be on at the same time, probably not LOL

lol.  Can someone please answer the thread by the way?  Im kind of intrested :)

We seem to be the only people here that haven't gone to sleep LOL


Well i decided to stop critiquing builds and it finally make one. Here's what it got: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2DD2J I went with the obvious fx-8320. Not much slower than the 8350, but $50 less. I also went with the ASUS 990x evo motherboard. It has the latest chipset and has a good proven power delivery system. I went with 16gb's of high speed 2133mhz ram to help speed up audio production. With a cas latency of 9, it should be lightning fast. I also managed to include a 240gb ssd. It is a PNY but, not very much known is that PNY actually makes some kick ass ssd's. Graphic's card, here's where i made some cuts. You said you had CPU intensive work loads so i decided to really make the CPU fly, and let the graphics be weak because, you don't really need it for your work. Other than that i got a good 80+ bronze corsair powersupply and a USB 3.0 compatible case.