PC build for music production

Hi, I made a post asking this before but I would like to ask again here to see if I can get some more input on this.

Pretty much what I want to know is what specs I should look for when making a good build for music production while not going full overkill for a beginner to keep it at a reasonable price.

would you share the link of your post? So things don't repeat again, and we can help you efficiently? ;)

I made the post a couple months ago and only got a few replies, I though I would have a bit more input here.

I assume fruity loops?

It actually is pretty simple - a "music production PC" is nothing mysteriously special. All you want to look for is CPU power. The more the better, simple as that. You don't need a ton of RAM either as opposed to video editing (except for if you want to edit a ton of huge audio files).

That's about what to look for in a PC for music production. Then you want to have a decent sound card, but those you usually don't look for in a hardware shop, rather in a music shop. So spare maybe ~100$ (this will vary on how much money you want to throw at this in total so don't take this number as an absolute) to buy it afterwards - or even better, look around for it beforehand ;)

give me a budget, and it over kill then give me a smaller budget