PC build for less than $400

Alright guys, title says it all, it would be used for gaming. Like, CS:GO, and maybe Payday 2. Make sure it's upgradeable, please. I was thinking an AMD A10-5800K for the CPU. Oh and uh, please make sure it's through Amazon or Newegg. And NOT less than $400 after rebates, just under $400. thanks, and have fun...?

I decided to go for the CPU + dGPU route, just as an alternative to an APU build. Currently, the build is ~$1 over $400, but hopefully that won't be a problem. I usually am not a huge fan of XFX for graphics cards, but this one seemed to be a really good deal. Unfortunately, I was only able to fit 4 GB of RAM into the build; it should work fairly well, just I don't think it would be advisable to run much in the background of the more intensive games you play. Ideally, you'd put in another 4 GB stick in the future.


If you are set on going with the A10, here's an alternative build based around it. It is superior to my previous build in that it has a better motherboard and8 GB of RAM (1866 Mhz). However, it has the same CPU power, but a worse GPU. You wouldn't have to worry about RAM too much, though.


The Athlon and dedicated GPU route is a much better idea. It offers much better performance per dollar and gives you room to upgrade in the future. 

I misspoke. I meant that I could not have to deal with rebates, and still get a build under $400.

Id buy a decent second hand rig myself with that budget... but 

http://pcpartpicker.com/user/deejeta/saved/4HZI - add another 4gb of ram if you need it later on. turd of a case but cant expect anything uber nice given requirements and budget.


+1 on the 750k build.

Here's a different version of my Athlon + HD 7790 build that is under $400 without rebates.


Thanks a ton guys, I appreciate all your help! :)