PC build for internet and work reply ASAP

building a pc just for working and browsing the internet for a friends although she opens multiple programs like around 10 or more. need to be fairly cheap. shes is not tech savvy at all just that intel i series are good for work

here are the specs:

Intel Celeron G1620

Asus H61-E

Coolermaster N-300

Western Digatal 500gb

Patriot 8gb Singnature  Single 1333mhz

Total Price $366 NO Os will be getting it via other means 


will this be able to handle windows 7 or 8? i can chuck in a radeon 4650 1gb just if the motherboard doesnt have any video outputs for free. 

HOW THE heck i am gonna carry a case around since my dad wont drive me but my neighbor may drive me to the shop. i got these prices off from msy.com.au, yes i am an australian helping a friend out since i owe her ALOT.

I forgot to add a Corsair CX430 i know this is overkill but hey shes gonna use it a long time

It looks ok. I would grab 2x2 GB of RAM to utilise dual channel memory. I couldn't imagine anyone would need more than 4GB of RAM. It's pretty generous for most household uses.

Consider a cheap AMD APU build.

shes doesnt even know what a apu is BUT ill stick with the intel but cheaping out on the RAM probably

APU is a CPU with good onboard graphics. I think they are better bang for buck in comparison to the Celerons and other low-end Intel CPUs.

the only problem is that the motherboard for the apu that i am going for is not that reliable and i dont wanna go  there and fixing it all the time 

im chucking in a free 4650

There's plenty of motherboards to choose.


sorry for the delay had to go to sleep and getting these parts from msy.com.au soo no much there and not gonna wait for it