PC build for clothing designer/web designer/graphic designer

I am a clothing designer/web designer/graphic designer (Plan on computer programming in the future) I design for Black Scale, 10 Deep and Strictly Clothing, and I am building a PC (Don't really have a budget but let's try to keep it under 5,000$ with breathing room). I have some of the parts already but I am stuck on what video card to get and what my SSD/HHD situation is. I run most Adobe applications heavily and I plan on getting two of the new Dell 28" 4K Monitors. I've heard that I need a Nvidia Quadro, but I've also heard that two or three video cards in SLI is also good. I am looking for my PC to be ridiculously fast and my graphics to look as good as they can. WILL NOT BE PLAYING ANY GAMES.

Parts I already have;

Motherboard: ASUS PX79-E WS

CPU: Intel 4930K (Plan on overclocking)

RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 Mhz


Parts I don't have;

GPU: Thinking of Nvidia Quadro K4000 or 2x GTX 780 DCU2OC 3GB in SLI. Witch on would perform better for my needs? Or is there another GPU setup that would be ideal for me?

PSU: Thinking of Corsair AX1200i 

SSD/HHD: I've been told that running three SSD's in RAID 0 and 4 1TB HHD's in RAID 1 is ideal for workstations, but will I need to buy a RAID card? If so, witch one? 

Cooling: Plan on getting a custom loop.

Case: Thinking of 900d, I want room for expansion in the future. 


What do you guys think? any suggestions? or Criticism? 

From the research I've been able to pull (Not enough for me to be 1000% sure but mostly ok with this recommendation) Is that because adobe PS and Illustrator only use OpenGL in places and no (Or an indiscernible amount) of CUDA, Consumer grade cards perform just as well as their workstation counterparts. Really both those are overkill for 2D work.

However, If you're grabbing monitors with TrueColor (If i remember right that's the full adobe RGB support) then you'll need a workstation graphics card.

Dear god what you've already selected is such overkill it makes my brain hurt. But here is a build that, sans custom unnecessary cooling loop, will fulfill your wildest production needs. It has the capacity to output at true 30-bit color depth, we are talking 1.08 billion colors. Billion, with a B. Of course, that only works if the monitor that you have is a 30-bit depth monitor, if not, it will just accommodate.


Things that are complete and utter overkill: The motherboard, the amount and type of RAM, the insistence on two graphics cards, the desire for a custom cooling loop, and the processor as well. Likely you would be perfectly fine with 32 GB of a slower speed of cheaper RAM stuffed into a smaller board with a different processor, such as an FX series processor or a socket 1150 i7. You don't really need two of those graphics cards for most production work unless you are rendering an absolute ton of stuff, and I mean batch processing 3D renders or compiling and transcoding things in Aftereffects. One is plenty, otherwise. You also don't necessarily need that crazy of a RAID array unless you are terribly concerned about a HDD dying. It isn't that common an occurrence, and you should be backing up externally anyway. But if you do choose a board that isn't a workstation one, then you may actually need a dedicated RAID card to pull of that array. And custom cooling loops... ...they are really just there for the aesthetic and to keep the components running their best under high overclocks. With a workstation, you really shouldn't be doing any high overclocks, as it reduces product lifespan and introduces more points of failure. Aside from that, a custom cooling loop for the first build would put you out another $700-$1200 pretty easily.