PC build for ARMA 3 and Bioshock Infinite

Hey I was looking at building a pc for arma 3 and bishock infinite, but i was planning on using a xeon 1231v3 since i wont overclock and it keeps up with the i7 at the $250 mark but i already have a MINI itx case and a aftermarket cooler and also some ram, and a modular 750 watt psu. Anyone have any recomendations on anything else, and also i was looking at getting this with a m.2 ssd http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K2R6BZE/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER  . Also I dont know if i should go with Nvidia or AMD for my build (My budget is $500) Thanks!


Alright, first of all, you would probably be better off with an i5 than a xeon as the higher clock speed (even at stock clocks, it has a higher clock speed), the i5 should do better in games even without the hyper threading.

Second of all, is your $500 budget just for the gpu or for the mobo and cpu as well? You should make it very clear as to what it is that you are wanting to get as well as the resolution that you plan on playing at (and if you want to use a higher refresh rate monitor suck as a 144hz 1080p monitor or something).

Third of all, you should probably get something like an i5 or an 8350 for the cpu. I would personally look at a lower tier i5 as it has the cores that modern games like as well as being a bit more wallet friendly, but it really just depends on what you can afford given the budget.

Fourth of all, I would suggest holding off a little while on the gpu purchase. The 285 is about to ship (Sept 2) and that looks promising. It should be about on par with an 280x, but with a much lower power consumption with the perks of true audio and adaptive sync support (the latter of which I think is really important from here forward in gaming). The 285x is rumored to be coming in the next month or so and I probably what you should be looking at, but I will wait until benchmarks of the 285 come out to say for sure whether or not it is sufficient for Arma 3 at 1080p. A 280x should be enough for that though.

I'm sorry I meant I have $500 for the ssd for the os, the motherboard, CPU, graphics card I can wait for a monitor since I just found one in the basement but I probable won't have the money will the new cards come out.


I just got info off of Facebook that they had released the 285 specs and price point is $250

Yeah, 285 is coming.  I'd wait for benchmarks first before I'd buy it.

Bioshock Infinite is pretty easy to run.  ARMA 3 is not.  ARMA 3 loves very strong individual cores because of poor multithreading.

What's your overall budget?

$500 for everything but the case, power supply and ram.

Any specifics on the model names for these items?

The motherboard I was thinking of the Asus model I had in my first post , and an i5 4690k, a sapphire r7 270x (I want sapphire because of there easy to manage drivers. And a ssd (I was thinking and m.2 ssd since the Asus board above will support it.

I already bought a case wihich is the azza z, some corsair vengeance ram and an evga 750 watt mudular PSU 

Sapphire is a good brand, but I don't know where "easy to manage drivers" came from.  All drivers come from AMD for AMD graphics cards.

The Asus motherboard should work just fine.

Also consider looking into the R9 270.  It's simply a lower clocked R9 270X, and sometimes cheaper.

I believe it's the software you can get when you go to saphires website, The saphire guy on the video where logan gave away a car and a beastly PC that have a r9 card of some sort in it. it allows you to install drivers automatically and easily for the video card and a recording and replay hotkeys.


                Thanks though just need to prep myself. 

My current build im on right now  is this


AMD 6300

Radeon 7770 ghz by HIS

8 gb of corsair vengeance ram

A corsair h60 cooler

500gb Seagate hybrid drive

Silverstone SG09b 

some cheap M-atx gigabyte motherboard

and finaly a Corsair CX500

My current build is ok but only handles all arma games a 30fps on a mix of mid and high settings, and bioshock played on mid to high with out AA