PC-Build for about 1300€

Hello everyone!

I am going to build a PC in the end of this year. I will it use for gaming as well as for video editing (Adobe stuff) and for game engines (UE, Unity), but it shouldn't be over 1300€.

Here the reasons of my choose:

CPU: Best Price to Performance and I don't need to oc

Motherboard: Maybe I will add an additional GPU for SLI

GPU: I will choose a 870 if the price and VRAM will be similar

RAM: I don't know how much a higher clock will improve the performance


1300€ it's a very good budget for a gaming/editing rig.

If you don't care about OC, you can get a new devil's canion i5 or i7. The i5 4690 is a no brainer, especially if your real power for editing will come from the cuda cores of the gpu. ;) But of course you can get an i7 4790 and just know you've got the best money can buy...

The mobo is a bit of a 'problem'. If you do not want to OC, than you can get an H97, give up on SLI and high freq ram, but you won't REALLY need any of those things for gaming or video editing... You'll spend a little less as a whole. If you want SLI and High freq ram, then you'll need a Z97 chipset, at which point you should OC your cpu and be done with it...

I'm sure you've seen this, but just in case:


If it were me, i'd spend a little more, get a K series i5 on a Z97 board with 16gb of 2100. This will cover any ram and cpu needs for editing. 

I've built an I5 H87 pc with a 770 a while ago, getting everything on amazon.it and we came at about 1100€, here are the specs:

 Just an idea :)




How about this, it

bro if you want, i just put up a pc for sale its for $1650 USD so about 1250 euro it has 


Fractal Design Define R4

ASUS Sabertooth z87

Intel i7 4770K 

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780TI Superclocked

Corsair HX 850Watt PSU

Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600mhz

Kingston v300 SSD 120GB

Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB


I just newly built it let me know if you're interested.

all the performance you want, infact WAAAy more with the 780TI and also you can always expand if for some you need to