PC Build {First One Ever}

OK this will be my first build ever, so please bear with me if I ask what a certain thing means because 

I probably don't know what it means.


I already posted a while ago and got some good results,

but I had to invest towards getting a new school laptop so I had no more money

Here is the link to the old build if anyone wants to see it:


So I put together a build which I quite like as it has good parts (I think) 

and It can be upgraded once I have a larger budget.

I am planning to use this PC for gaming.

I have about US$350 but I will get more for X'mas.

Here is my build so far:


This list is missing a few parts mainly a CPU Cooler and a power supply

CPU cooler: has to be able to support OC and not to expensive.

Power Supply: Has to be able to support future upgrades (crossfire?)

It will also need a SSD, enought to support the OS and quite a few games

This build will be an upgrade as I go, 

I can get the OS in nearby shops so please don't include it on the budget as that is only for the PC hardware.

I have a monitor.

I am hoping to make this PC in late December till mid-January.

I live in singapore so can anyone link me to some sites that ship here?

I would like to keep the case as I really like the Style and I will need space to upgrade,

would you be able to link me with some fans that would work well with this case?


Thanks a lot to anyone who helps!


I was thinking of getting a OCZ ZT series 750W psu. 

I was planning to buy the parts in batches

and use parts from my old computer till I

can afford newer and better parts. I was 

planning to buy a mobo, the chassis, the CPU, the ram and the SSD and HDD. 

I have a GTX 529 from my old computer which runs quite well. 

I hope to get more money and then buy a 

newer and better GPU. 

Should I use this plan, buying in batches and upgrading on the way, or should I 

save up till the summer to get better parts overall?

Thanks for the help!


Well  your base build is good, only there are a few changes to make.

i will edit you build


parts that ive add to your build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2nw5k

 grtz Angel ☺

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Would it be ok to buy the parts in batches? 

you mean buying part for part?  yeah why not.

Dont get a OCZ psu for 2 reasons there quality is awful and OCZ have now gone bankrupt.

really? I've always heard they have good quality stuff.

Then you must stop listening to fools and fan boys...thay use very cheap TRec capacitors in there power supplies and the failure rate of the psu's and SSD's are way above 40% and now there is no OCZ you are going to have a very hard time trying to RMA anything...

Ok any you can recommend?

I saw this in a PC Magazine which says it was quite good.

It was a quite informative one. 

the Corsair RM650 like i edited in your build earlier.

Grtz Angel ☺

Thanks a lot, I will try and go with that one.


Planning to buy the chassis, the mobo and the cpu tomorrow and put parts from my old pc in there,

those old parts are 4GB of ram, a 500GB harddrive and the GPU which is a Nvidia GeForce 520.

All these parts seem to be compatible and I will upgrade them all later.

Would I be able to get a CX500M?

The RM650 costs to much where I am...