PC Build: Final Revision

Okay so I'm another new PC Gamer who recently posted a build which you can see here if you'd like to.

After some suggestions and comments I have revised my build for (hopefully) the last time. I've hit the ceiling on my budget so any suggestions for alternate parts will have to be offset by changing/removing other parts. I'm ready to buy but wanted to get confirmation from you more knowledgeable folk that I'm not about to make a very expensive mistake.

As always, thank you very much for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for any help.

The Build

All those parts look great for the money I would go for it I cannot find anything to change unless you were going to get an AMD processor or Nvidia graphics card but I would stick with the parts you have picked. 

That's good to hear. This picking parts stuff starts off fun but gets a bit tiring after a while, so it's nice to know I'm finally ready to buy. Thanks.

Helped my friend build a similar PC not long ago with a i5 3570k and a 280x it is very similar to yours and it is a beast in games and he is very happy with it so I hope you will have a similar experience with this one!

That should run real nice. +1 on the ssd + hdd :)~

go for it! i have a similar build in the us and you should invest in a water cooler when you can

  ask Father Christmas, maybe he will send a nice one  

 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2ipJp   - my build i plan to oc and game heavily  


Thanks guys. I ordered the parts this morning and they're on their way!

Your build is extremely similar to mine (main difference is I don't have a SSD. I am enjoying my PC quite a bit, it's nice to just go on a game throw everything on max and have no issues getting a constant 60 FPS

I think that is a solid build. I would bump the SSD up to the Kingston Hyper 3k. Just because it is a great drive that everyone should be familiar with. Shouldn't cost too much more.

Other than that, I cannot knock it, bud.

So I pre-ordered the R9 280X as Scan were meant to get it in stock on monday but didn't. When I called they said they had no idea when they would next be in stock so I bought the EVGA GTX 760 ACX. The XFX PSU was also out of stock so I got the Corsair RM 650W. 

Kind of bummed as I looked for ages for a 280X and thought I'd finally found one at a decent price, only for them to say "Yeah, sorry our bad, we actually don't have it". Can AMD just make a fucking Mining card already so their other cards are available?!

yep your 280x has no doubt gone into a mining rig somewhere, still nothing wrong with a 760 acx.

Yeah the 760 looks enough for my needs, but the 280X would've been sweet. I'll probably replace it when/if the AMD cards become more available further down the line.

The 760 is a solid card. And I like the RM 650. The fact that the AMD cards have gone up in price makes the 760 a much more attractive buy. I know a lot of people that do not ask questions and do not take the time to learn about components. So you should be really happy that you got a solid build and I am happy for you. It'll last you some years!

Thanks Berserker! To be honest I'm just glad the hunting/shopping is over. Now it's time worry about the parts arriving undamaged lol.

Trust me, the hunting/ shopping/ investigating is crucial. When I was investigating the parts for my build, the configuration changed massively from the initial plan. So glad that I did my research.

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