PC Build Critique

Hello, right how I'm a console gamer (Xbox 360) but after watching multiple videos on Youtube about why PC gaming is better I've decided to make the jump. I've made a build on PCPartPicker.com and I wanted someone else to critique it so here it is. 


Could I have done anything better?  My budget is $950 I could go to $960. But I do want to stay in the high fifties or the low sixties.

Regarding SLI I will probably add another 760 later on because I've heard you can get Titan performance with two of them.

Regarding overclocking I do want to overclock, the CPU, the GPU, the RAM, everything!

Thanks in advance for all the helpful tips and I hope to be a proud owner of a gaming PC soon!

P.S. When I get the second 760 I will fill up the case with fans, any recommendations? I'm looking for 120's or 140's

I think you're pretty close to perfect. Though, I would grab the GD45. It's cheaper than the GD65, and still appropriate for your needs.

To overclock the RAM, you might want to grab some G.Skill Sniper low voltage RAM.

Money saved should go towards a beefier cooler. Haswell (4th gen Intel) runs really hot. I'm not too sure that the evo will have sufficient performance. You would need to spend a good 40-50$ on the heatsink.

Tiny bit over, with a $80 heatsink:


Not sure if the chassis has enough clearance for the 14PE. I'll need to check

Alternately, you could use this. It has an appropriate heatsink, but a much more appropriate power supply for 760 SLI:


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What about this? 


I found a good deal on this EVGA power supply, also went for cheaper RAM as I'm not sure if I want to overclock anymore because I'm not sure how it benefits the computer. Added AIO water cooling as well.