Pc Build and gaming mouse

Here is my final setup, use it for gaming and editing:

Intel i7 3770 (non k i don't overclock)

EVGA GTX 660ti 

Corsair vengeance 8Gb RAM (i upgrade later to 16gb)

Corsair TX series 650Watt 

WD Caviar Blue 1TB


Xigmatek SD1283 CPU cooler

BitFenix Prodigy 



something to change? 

Need a new gaming mouse (for sniping/bf3) which one to get (max budget 50€/$)?


EDIT : Better http://pcpartpicker.com/p/15VXG

I just changed the mobo and RAM because you are not overclocking.

About $910 after rebates and other things and no gaming mouse. I added 16 GB of RAM (good price). I dont think you need a after-market cpu cooler because you wont be overclocking. But, if you really want a cooler the one you choose is good, cheap, and quiet. Also what country?

im from Deutschland. it is a bit difficult because i want a hackintosh and is 550watt ok for that system? even with a better graphics card like the 670/760ti?


for 660 ti and 670 a 550 watt will do