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So I finally started building my new PC and just wanted to check with you all to see if my part choices look okay. I have already purchased some parts and have around $430 left to buy, but I'm willing to go up to $500 if need be. So again does everything look good and reliable, and what would you guys consider doing?

Note: I will be purchasing a rear exhaust fan for those whom that may concern.

The Build:http://pcpartpicker.com/p/w3DGzy

If it is just going to be a gaming PC, you can back down to 8gb of RAM.

It looks fine otherwise. If you want to save yourselves $25, you could forgo the Be Quiet! cooling solution, but, I hate stock coolers, and you probably do too, so feel free to keep it.

well if this is a gaming pc, then maybe invest in a slightly better gpu.
like a 390, would not be a bad idea.

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Thanks for the replies everyone it's helpful advice but I'll stick with the Be Quiet! just so I don't have to claw my ears off due to noise lol. Also I would like a 390 but the 380 was a gift and should meet my needs so I can't really complain. Is there anything else that you all saw that might be worth changing or adding to this build?

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I think that if u invest in a more powerfull gpu you wont regret it and possibly even thank it in the future
Keepinh the 16gb of ram is not bad either
But i dont think that you need anything else so maybe save it for when you need a monitor or just some random gear

Depends on whether they're playing at 1440p or not.

The GPU has already been purchased and delivered so I will just keep it as it should meet my needs. Also no I'm not gaming at 1440p I'm gaming at 1080p so no worries there.

Everything looks in order.

Ah allright sounds fair enough.

Okay so I decided on picking up two fans one for the rear exhaust and the other for the CPU cooler. I chose fans with low noise, good CFM, and high static pressure, do the fans below look okay? Also I'm looking to have a positive air pressure will these be fine for that if I mount them as stated previously?

140mm: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/cougar-case-fan-cfv14hb

120mm: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/cougar-case-fan-cfv12hp