PC bugging out?

OK i have a gaming computer with the following\

Power supply -Corsair Builder series CX430 v2 Power supply -430 Watt

CPU-Intel i5-2500 

GPU -AMD Radeon HD 6850

SSD -Kingston HyperX 3k 120Gb( and a 500Gb Mhd)

MotherBoard-Msi Z77A-GD45 gaming

Memory- G.skill Sniper series ( Two 4Gb Sticks)

Case- fractal design R3\

.  When i play games i get some buggy stuff. sometime my game freezes for about 5-10 sec and it goes to a streaky line screen. My sound still works and i can here the game. and sometimes my entire screen will glitch lines  or the entire left side about an inch in will move over to the right but the opertaing system still runs. when i take a screen shot and save it to a file when i restart the computer and this problem goes away temporarly, the screen shot look normal . i have windows 7. ommmm. My hdmi is connected to the graphics card and my speakers are connected to the mother board. when im talking to my firend on skype the sound still woks and they can here me. iv left it on for hours when iv had this problem and it never recovered. the only thing i can do is restart it. No overclocking done. it happens with multiple games. Thanks for the help.

Well, if the issue doesn't show on a screen shot, that leave to believe it's a faulty monitor.

Do you have another monitor you could use to test if something is wrong with your current one? That could be a possibility. :)

I think by looking at your sistem specs its a lack of power 430w is rather low for a old HD 6850(those older 40nm chips are real power hogs) and a i5 cpu.

=500 Watt or greater power supply recommended= as stated by AMD, it could be a driver problem but i am pretty sure you are running out of power when the gpu is under load makeing your sistem unstable.

I use my tv and xboxin the mnitor and have no problems so



Well, if the xbox works, the PSU was the second thing to inspect, as Copperman pointed out. You wouldn't happen to have a more powerful one laying around, would you?

It's definately your power supply. I would recomend a 600 watt psu.

psu all the way, its a wonder that its lasted as long as it has.