PC Audio

I am looking for EQ software for my home media center. I am a huge music junkie but until recently have focused on amps and speakers being a musician this just came naturally. I am just looking for a good software to eq my playback, what do you recommend and why?  

Foobar2000 on Windows, and Foobar2000 with Wine on Linux.

I didnt like foobar for lack of options or maybe i just missed them, I went with winamp and http://www.winamp.com/plugin/equalizer-by-nevi/133877 Its just a plugin that adds a 128 band EQ, its the best I've ever seen as far as software goes but can take a little getting used too as you can adjust any frequency you want for example if you think you 13 786hz is a little off, no problem lol anything you want. But when I invested in good speakers and amplifiers all EQs went out the window and became unnessisary anyway IMO.