PC acting up

Damn, the temps were slowly creeping up to the 100° so I had to stop the tests
damn shame, gonna have to buy a 212 evo
the GPU is fine tho

Could just try replacing the paste, but ya the hyper 212 ain't too bad of an upgrade over stock.

Agreed new paste should be okay for base clock. Check your fan config too

Recently tried to place a different cooler, but the socket wasn't right and also replaced the thermal paste
the CPU - i3 4130 and the isn't super great, but it doesn't go over 70 when gaming and isn't prime95 a synthetic benchmark?
I can plug in only 1 case fan in my mobo and i've set it to exhaust in the back of the case (prodigy m) I might get a fan splitter sometime in the future but until then I'll stock up some money for a better cooler

wait you only one case fan? you're probably just starving for airflow in that case.

and ya prime 95 is just at torture test, run it with fur mark to really see how hot things will get

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The GPU is fine (about 60° when furmark is running) , but any reccomendations on how to actually improve airflow?
I know I need some splitters tho
And I only have one case fan plug/port/whatever :(

And how many fans can I actually split from one system fan plug?
I found a 1 to 8 fan hub but i don't want to burn the mobo

Been running the PC and checking crystaldiskmark, and either the RAM was bad, or the mobo is dying
One of the sata ports is weird and after a while my hard drive is not detected
and one of the RAM dimms was bad, removed it

wouldn't run more than 3 personally, I'm sure than can "technically" handle more though

It sounds like a dying mobo either way to me, is it old?

About 2 years old, have no idea why it would be dying

just get molex adapters for them and run them directly off the power supply.

to improve airflow just add more fans, but a heatsink first is probably a good place to start.


Agreed. You need airflow. Post a pic of your case, or give us the model. Ideally you want good in and out, but def more than one. One fan is almost never acceptable, unless you're in like a core2 dell optiplex or something.

It's a Bitfenix Prodigy M
If I'll get around to posting a picture, it'll be tomorrow or after aboooout 16 hours which is tomorrow afternoon for me (Latvia)
I actually have a second fan, just nowhere to plug it in
gonna look for some molex to fan connector adapters tomorrow

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Today got around to cleaning up the cables in my case and remembered that I hadn't taken a picture of the airflow and stuff
so here it is

excuse the kinda blurry picture and the colorful PSU cables, it's not a very expensive power supply so it doesn't have sleeved cables.
the one fan in the back is set to exhaust and i could place an intake fan or two up top, but I lost the front 5.25'' bay cover for my case :D

Should just flip that fan for intake and it'll exhaust all on it's own.

the computer barely goes into the OS now and frequently doesn't detecct my SSD. I guess it's pretty close to dying or is pretty much dead already :(
now i gotta pray that my dad buys a new one