PC acting up

So, my computer has been working fine for about 7 months and something's wrong, but I can't tell what it is.
At first, it worked and the 2 hard drives that I have just dissapeared.
Next day, it would freeze and turn off after a brief moment in the OS (Windows 10)
Today, it just plain out powers up and shuts down, without displaying anything. Tried a different power supply, the same thing. Re-assembled it and it boots, but freezes after about 5 minutes. Plugging in a hard drive makes it freeze even faster.
Is some component of my PC dead or dying?
Has anyone had a similar problem?
The Windows 10 is pirated though, so it just might be a bad install with some bad sh*t on it, but I don't want to fornat again. I know that the upgrading thing is an option, but something might go wrong and if I have to, I'd like to start fresh!
Hopefully, someone can help. Sorry for the long text post, but yeah..

Possibly dead/dying hard drives check them with crystal disk info, otherwise might be your motherboard, also if you were going to pirate anything why not pirate 7?

It also freezes after a while if only my SSD(boot drive) is in and a keyboard and mouse.
Pirated windows 10, because my ssd was full of stuff i didn't need and wanted to try the new stuff.
Another question - have you had any networking problems? My computer constantly just disconnects from WiFi and sometimes doesn't find it.

It's going to be the windows 10 or your motherboard, try running linux live for a while and doing some stress tests under there

Start with not pirating stuff... Windows 10 is free for God sake.

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As I know, not all programs are available on Linux. What are your recommendations for some stress test programs?

Maybe RAM? Did you try removing any sticks?

You can use hiren's bootCD in a usb or CD. Has Memtest+86 for RAM testing, and a bunch of HD tools like WD Diagnostics for HDs. You can run the HD tests on your SSD too, but it won't say much other than if a module is going on the SSD.


I didn't, because I had no idea what actually failed. Once, a power supply failed on me once, so I thought that that was the problem. turns out, it wasnt. damn, ill probably have to test everything

I usually do a process of elimination, but yeah, I'd test everything. Slow POST could be bad RAM, but if you removed the drives and it was better, could be the drives.

lmk if you need any help

I have 3 drives : 2 hard drives (1TB and an 80GB one) and an SSD(120GB)
just with the SSD, it freezes after about 30 seconds, but the post and boot is supafast.
Plugging in a hard drive + the SSD, the PC plain out doesn't even post and doesn't show anything on-screen, just runs for a few minutes and then shuts off.
WTF is this?
Man, I don't want my 1TB to die, it has all my games on it and I don't have the money to buy a hard drive, plus I'm way too lazy to re-download all those games :D

How old is the SSD? What is the bios SATA mode set to? I would test it, but could be RAM, the drive, or the SATA controller. If you get past POST though and it freezes in the OS, partition might be corrupt. I've seen a previous issue that caused this type of thing from a corrupt OS

The SSD is about 2 or 3 years old, but it has had pretty much light use by booting the OS and thatš it.
The sata mode is set to AHCI and the hotplug and external sata settings are disabled
didn't really understand what you were asking, so went into the bios and wrote down al the stuff
the motherboard: Gigabyte H87N-WIFI

Tested the RAM dimms, appareantly one of them was bad.
Now the PC Works, but after a while it just starts flashing random colors
(took out the GPU and using the iGPU because I can't take out the dimms with the gpu installed)
So it's a dead RAM dimm and the motherboard dying?
it's probably like 4AM where you live, sorry


otherwise still sounds like your motherboard maybe.

For now, it works in Windows.
a ram stick might have been bad

Without the random colors popping up? Try switching the slots then to see if it's possibly the board.

Random colors is not a good sign I would think. Check cables, try the onboard graphics if you have that. Def figure out which dimm is bad and remove it. You want to remove stuff sooner than later, cause if your mobo is going, you could be putting your other components at risk

Restarted a couple times, I'm not getting the random colors anymore
Installed the GPU drivers and will start stress testing the GPU and CPU and RAM
It does bluescreen ever so often though, might be because I have a stock cooler

Blue screens could still be hardware. Hard to say. I would see idle temps in bios first, unless your stock cooler is dirty shouldn't be a problem

Going to leave it overnight running prime95 and FurMark
i know, they're torture test programs but oh well

and, the idle temp are around 30-40 (it's quite warm in my room + that cooler is crap)
The bluescreen appeare after running prime95 for about 5 minutes, gonna see what happens now
gonna be fun, hopefully my house doesn't burn down