PB Streamer's game doesn't load walls, lets him no-clip murder people while driving around

Figured since yall play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds so much I’d post this video I came across. He ended up getting banned for 1 day because of this glitch. I thought it was hilarious to watch.

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The interesting thing here is that the server is clearly not checking the actions sent by clients. How else could a buggy player drive through and kill people which are clearly protected.

Just another example that you don’t need to be a good programmer in order to be successful :unamused:


I can’t watch the video here but I can imagine what it is…

My GF was playing on a friends account, the houses in the game would just not load in like half the games, she could just see and walk through the walls… like wat? How is this even … why? The collider on those should be independant of the texture loading or not, and they should be loaded first. Not to mention that the server should check where a player is going and if he’s even supposed to be there.

And they want to host an eSports invitational … ? Just wow.

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Yeah that it started as an amateur project will haunt the game for a long while. Raking in tens of millions of dollars doesn’t change the fundamental problems by itself. And recently the focus has been on getting the game ready for its console launch. Getting a big contract might be nice but it’s not making development easier.