PAX East 2017 (looking for mic recommendations)


so I do some simple videos on youtube nothing big. last year I went to pax for the first time. There was so much there I got lost with things to do. last year I really wanted to do some video recording and coverage of pax. I want to say this is more of a hobby for me I find it fun to make videos about what I am doing mostly of vlog style I do some video gameplay and tech review stuff nothing super. I think I only have like 24 subs lol but that's not the reason I do it. I like to post the video and if people like what they see it makes me happy. if I can interact with people who see my videos it makes me happier. anyway, i am totally off topic. the reason I am posting this is because I want to do more recording at the convention. most of my recording is in my living room where I can control most of the sounds, unfortunately, I know how hard it is going to be to record audio at the convention and I just want to make it so that when I do a recording people will actually be able to hear me. I am looking for the best budget option to get a good audio recording. the kicker is I don't have an expensive camera I like to use my cell phone (i know hiss) but hey I have an LG G4 it takes great videos audio is kinda shit but that's why I am here. I was thinking a lapel mic wired I guess would be the best price but I was also thinking a shotgun mic. I don't know what to do if you have any incite please let me know. pax is coming up fast and I would really like to do something more than just take pictures id like to take some video maybe even a shot over the sky bridge on to the convention with me talking about what I saw for the day.

btw I got to meet some awesome guys while I was there I was so excited I don't know if you can see it on my face.

any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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TL;DR is you're looking for mic recommendations yes? may want to add that to your title, I'm not a guru but someone that is will see it

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How does this have anything to do with Pax East 2017?

I edited the title

That's better now.

if you are going to use your cellphone as the recording device than stick to a lapel mic or get a hand held carotid mic. Shot gun mics are going to be odd to use with a cellphone unless you make a rig specifically for the mic. my preferred brands would be Sure, Sony, and Audio Technica.

because i would like to record audio while i am at pax east 2017

thank you

ok thank you for the suggestions im trying to work on a rig like item in auto desk fusion 360 that i can get 3d printed the device is similar to a media rig for a cell phone. but i am limited on time and money so doing multiple runs from a mail order 3d printing company can be expensive.

Well, as usual I start with the full disclosure that I work at Antlion Audio.

We use a field recorder at shows. I highly recommend it, but if that isn't in the budget, we do know several people that use our ModMic plugged into a cell phone. It has several flaws, the first being to use it you also need to have headphones plugged into the Y adapter for it to recognize the mic. The second being it will pick up the noise of you passing the mic back and forth if you plan on doing that.

However, if your goal is to have good audio ON the floor NOT interviewing people by passing the mic. You can simply put the headphones on, snap the ModMic on, and record right to your cell phone. For convention floor I recommend the Uni-Directional.

Again you MUST have a Y adapter for this to work and you MUST have both the headphones AND the mic plugged into the adapter BEFORE you plug it into your cellphone for it to recognize the mic. Assuming you have a pair of headphones it's a 42-50 dollar solution and you can use it at home too.