Paul Allen passed away at 65

Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft (the quiet one) is dead at 65.
The Microsoft story is legend and no way could I do it justice.
Personally for me it is kinda “Wow he had billions, he lived much healthier then I do and he only 10 years longer then I am now”

Paul Allen was also into SETI and donated the funds for this


While it is natural to have these feelings, especially when it happens to someone you know, it’s not relevant to your situation, generally. Untreated diabetes and heart disease is incredibly common, especially in this culture of “I don’t need to see a doctor, I never get sick!”

That said, Paul Allen had a blood disease that may have contributed to his passing.

Despite his short time, he left a huge impact and did many great things.


It was always fun to see him at Blazers games. Too bad we haven’t been able to win a championship since '77


Reading some posts on Reddit, it looks as if Seattle is the way that it is today because of Paul Allen.


Really wanting to get in to University of Washington’s school of engineering actually (which helped fund. It was named after him).

Say what you will about rich he was and everything else, and how “he should have spent his money,” but damn… the guy earned it. He can do whatever the hell he wants with it. Same goes for Gates… No matter how much I hate Monsanto lol.

But anyway, may he rest in peace. That’s very sad to hear.

You come to realize that all of these rich people are only human, and even their money can’t help them escape human issues.


My understanding was that on top of being instrumental in founding one of the most influential tech companies yet, he also was a bit of a serial philanthropist. I mean, the guy probably dropped over a billion on charitable projects. I can’t imagine.

Really good guy.

I’m just kinda struck by how sad it is to see the founding members of these tech giant companies that really shaped the way we use computers today passing on.

He was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1982. I’m not super familiar with the prognoses of this sort of cancer, but it seems like he beat the odds on that one, but he got non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009. Apparently it returned this year and he couldn’t beat it this time.

Fuck cancer.


Sad, isn’t it? I knew Paul, somewhat. “Quiet” he was, but also rather nice. We didn’t see eye-to-eye on some theoretical issues, but he was very nice to me the few times we ran into each other at conferences. Very helpful when I was a graduate student…


no one realises just how insidious a disease diabetes is.
one it hides the symptoms of heart disease, kidney disease, p.a.d., and even some cancers.
It also increases the chance that you will develop heart disease at an earlier age.
as a diabetic myself (non insulin dependant) I have to watch my diet carefully.

in spite of my warnings many people ignore the advice to severely limit or stop drinking soft drinks! the sheer amount of soluble sugars in them wreak havoc on the body.
soluble sugars are readily stored in fat cells
mountain dew addicts are a prime example! Ive lost 2 of my friends from death by renal failure due to that crap and have another who has had to have kidney transplant so now hes on anti rejection drugs for the rest of his life.
I recommend regular checkups for everyone (including glucose and aic testing)
early intervention and diet control is the best treatment to prevent un-repairable damage
anyhow the loss of paul allen (or anyone for that matter) is tragic to die at an early age
especially if it could have been prevented.


He was the more favorite of the two. At least to me.

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