I just pledged 3,33 dollars per month via the patron website to tek syndicate, but I can't figure out how to get my badge etcetera. I really need some help here ^^, also i don't know what category to put this in (:0

They said they do it manually justnow and to give them a day, also use the same email on patron as on the forum or they wont find you

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According to the description of the goal you can also get the badge if you have mismatching email addresses.
Users with this problem are supposed to message gearheadgirl27 on the TS website.
I e.g. have this problem but can't find this user. Can anybody give some help here?

Thank you! ill just wait a couple of days I did use the same emails so shall be okey then ^^

Click this: @gearheadgirl27

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Much appreciated. Thank you very much!

I wish I had the money that you have

currently at $5,401.83 how high do you think we can get?

$6,666.66 then it will stop.

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And then the internet will explode!