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Check price on the Patriot V760 Keyboard:

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how do you tolerate your gaming build, Raving, changing colors over there

It was just for the intro :P I don't have it on that rainbowy wave/fade all the time.

There is a bug in the vessel video. Or I should say in every vessel video.

Few seconds after the video finished playing, it starts again without my interaction. I can't see anything but I hear the sound/music/talking in the background. And network meter shows data being downloaded. So i have to click on different link to make it stop.

Does anyone know if this keyboad exists with a nordic layout? (Norwegian/sweedish)

Since it's mechanical I assume you could just replace the keycaps if it doesn't come stock with them... though they're kaihl (idk the spelling for that switch maker) switches so keep that in mind if they aren't compatible with cherry keycaps.

Kailh blue switches are actually my favorite when it comes to the actual feel of the key presses. I now own Cherry mx blues and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. So Kailh's are cool in my book. I've never tried any of their other colors though.

Good job on the review!

Sounds like you're bottoming out on the keys more so than the keys themselves being "clicky", some o-rings should fix that right up.

Not a bad looking keyboard but I can't live without my volume wheel on my G.Skill 780 - ripped off from corsair I guess.