Patriot making Intel RAM

First we had this:

Credit: Advanced Micro Devices

And now we have this:

Credit: Patriot Memory


    A few months ago AMD in partnership with Patriot Memory and VisionTek, made RAM with AMD's branding which had guaranteed compatability with most to all AMD platforms. The AMD RAM came in three different SKUs; entertainment, performance, and Radeon edition.

    Well now Intel in partnership with Patriot Memory are currently developing Intel, "Masters Extreme Memory". This ram will only be dedicated for gaming use, so it wouldn't be the best value for a HTCP. Intel is currently only guarantees compatability with intel 6* and 7* series. The speeds it will come in are, DDR3 1600,1866, and 2133.


Author: Theo Valich

Date: 7/13/2012

Publisher: Bright Side Of News

Put Intel RAM in an AMD system = Pure win.