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Path of Titans new game just got fully funded

I just came across this article from Gaming On Linux about a new game being released sometime early this year called Path of Titans. The article makes this future new game sound like it would be very fun to play.

As a kid, I had a dinosaurs playset that I enjoyed playing with. This game sounds to would be just as much fun. Anyway, I thought I would post about it in case no one else had heard of it. I am also interested in what your thoughts are about this game.

What I like about this game is the fact you are playing one of ten different dinosaurs, the fact that other players (dinosaurs) can help you accomplish your goals. I haven’t tried this game as currently, it is in closed beta, but from reading the article published by Gaming On Linux, I have come to the conclusion this game will be very interesting to play.

I have included a link to their web site, find it bellow.

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People will jump at me for being negative Nelly again, but here are my main concerns:

  1. It’s a full 3D highly realistic graphics… Please please please for the love of sweet pulsating black little baby Jesus, don’t sell your game on graphics. You can’t compare. Big AAA will beat you before you put your boxing gloves on.
  2. I see no development in this concept. You are a dinosaur. Great. Now what? You are an animal. You eat, you bully smaller dinos and avoid larger dinos and you chase the female dinos or are being chased by the male dinos. That’s it. I don’t see a dino building structures and what not. So the concept is just one idea…
  3. MMO survival… Oh dear… We are still riding this gravy train? For every Arc or Wow there are 157 tabula rasas and konans and what nots…

Let’s see where this will go, but I am not optimistic about it.

dude… I loved the concept of the game…

not available through steam, own launcher, available for all platforms (I guess) and you play as a freaking dinosaur

holy crap

that’s enough already honestly


Sadly I disagree with you.
I really hope I’m wrong and the game is good, cause lord knows we need actually unique games that are actually good, but I don’t see the concept lasting more than a couple hours of gameplay before it gets repetitive and grindy.

The game’s just probably not for you.

But it’s ok.

Bullying smaller dinos and outrunning bigger ones sounds hella funny to me so I’d play it (won’t cause I don’t have time or hardware)


I kind of share some of your concerns psycho_666 like being repetitive and grindy. But I think they will either keep adding more missions on a weekly bases or keep adding different playable dinosaurs. Remember if the game only has two to 3 hours of gameplay, they will either need new people playing the game every day or somehow make the game not feel so repetitive and grindy. Since I don’t have a lot of time to play games, I don’t think it will feel repetitive and grindy to me.

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