Path-Commander: Godot based 2D puzzle game


Path Commander is a 2D puzzle game created in the awesome Open Source game development engine Godot. This is my first time learning Godot so I’ve been watching a lot of videos and tutorials.

Sourcecode, downloads, and more are on the Github project page:


Windows and Linux builds are up for download. Would love feedback if people have suggestions.

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I had a chance to download and check it out for Win. I like how easy it was to check out the details and find the download, especially since this was my first time trying something like this out.

I was able to follow the tutorial levels with no issue. I didn’t initially realize it was playable, so maybe add a line that prompts the player to click on the maze. Something along the lines of: “Solve the puzzle to continue.”

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FWIW: There’s a build of Godot for RPi for anyone interest in trying this project a non-x86/x64 platform.

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Thanks for checking it out. I’ll adjust the instructions in the first tutorial with your comment about solving the puzzle.

Wow, that’s neat I didn’t know the Pi could handle something like Godot. On the unofficial PI binaries page it lists only CPU particles as being supported. I used GPU particle effects in some of the scenes so I’m not sure what would happen? Maybe it’s able to convert them?

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