Password transfer, LastPass Safe? Alternitive?

So id like to take the leap from chrome back to Firefox. I had some consistent problems with FF a few years ago and nothing i did helped. I guess the problem was fixed and id like to hop back on the train and bring everything with me.

The standard import only does so much and id really like to transfer all my passwords. Ive never used last pass or anything like it. Call me crazy, but I'm kind of wary of giving access to all of my passwords to a single 3ed party company. Are they trustworthy? Does it actually transfer the passwords or does it just keep them on the app?

There seems to be an exporter extension offered through Firefox but not through Chrome. At least nothing obvious i could find.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Well I don't use nor would I suggest having a 3rd party company let alone a browser plugin managing your passwords and keys. Instead, get an open-source password manager and save your passwords locally (with backups!). KeePassX does a great job.

humm, Thats pretty much the same conclusion I came to myself. I found a similar program the other day.

Thank you for the input.

i use aWallet Cloud Password on my android.