Passthrough with one gpu?

Hello. Linux user who wants to mod Skyrim but is limited. I want to run a Windows VM but don’t have 2 gpus for passthrough. My distro is Linux Mint. I was told to read this guide. What now?

If you had a dual-chip GPU you could probably do it, but the host needs a display adapter either way. Though, I guess you could have a headless linux running a windows VM, but then what the hell is the point of that, you know?

Some person I met is telling me that it’s possible. Idk I’m confused now.

To my knowledge you need 2 cards. You can use an igpu on, say, an intel chip to run your local display, then your pcie gpu for your vm, but you can’t run both systems simultaniously on one card to my knowledge.

Awaiting the um akchtually

Btw even on the ovmf page they say you need multiple cards. I think the persot you were talking to meant that the igpu on your processor would do the host side. If you have a ryzen chip (unless 22/24/32/3400G etc) you won’t have one.

Quadro or Firepro, not quite passthrough but shared is a thing no? (SRIOV)

It is sometimes possible to do it with a single GPU, but as @FaunCB said

It is another level of difficulty above normal GPU passthrough. There are multiple extra considerations and things that can break.

There are not many cards that do sharing. Nvidia’s requires licensing, see the GRID series of cards. For AMD, AFAIF all of their cards that support SRIOV are like $1500+ USD which would be better spend on a rig upgrade to get two GPUs.

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I wasnt suggesting it was a good deal, just providing a way it is possible. I was just doing some research and yeah even AMDs selection is pretty shit, was hoping they would have something lower end. I knew about the Nvidia licensing due to wendells video on it a while back and honestly expected nothing less.

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