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Passing through Elgato Capture Card

I’m not sure either. Thanks for looking at it!

You’re welcome.

I suspect, and I think we are going to have to wait for someone with more experience with the hardware to know for sure, that it’s simply incompatible with passthrough.

Yes, you can run UVC USB 3.0 capture cards in a VM but not PCI-E ones, since the PCI-E ones require FPGA firmware to be loaded on boot, and a virtual machine can’t do that.

Yes, NDI will work, but your quality goes down dramatically to the same level as ProRes 422 LT. (You will notice a lot of blocky artifacts in gradients.)


Yup, I understand, my reply was to people saying “use this other thing” which doesn’t solve your problem.

That makes sense. I’ll see what I can do about getting a bare metal streaming machine or USB capture card for what I’m trying to get done. Thanks for your help!

Bare metal Linux Magewell PCI-E system is best, as it supports drop frame framerates properly. Get a GPU with Turing NVENC and you’re all set.

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