Passing through discrete GPU on optimus laptop

I have an Asus GS65 Stealth Thin laptop with a GTX 1070 Max Q GPU and an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU.
I’m running Arch linux on a single 1tb NVME SSD. Windows 10 is installed and contained to the second NVME SSD.

IOMMU groups are solid, vt-d is on, etc.
I’ve read through the wiki, got VFIO to grab the GPU, no errors on boot just a blackscreen (external screen connected to displayport wired straight to the nvidia DGPU) tried adding a spice display to the vm and it was just black screen as well.

Is what I’m doing even feasable? The end result is I would like arch to run only on the intel GPU with the Windows 10 vm running on the 1070 semi headless (with a 1080p 144hz hdmi dummy plug) with looking glass.

It is, on some models. Laptops have their own extra hoops to jump through and potential issues.

See this github page for how some people have gotten passthrough on laptops to work-