Passed My CCNA!

I Passed my CCNA Exam yesterday and now i'm trying to decided between studying for CCNA Security or Wireless next. Does anyone have any suggestions or input on what they have found to be the most valuable? I am planning on doing both just trying to figure out which one to start on first.


As a general rule (I have none of these certs, mind) I'd consider security not only a general priority but also a foundation for those certs about things that are inherently less secure -- like wireless.

But like I said I don't have any IT certs, so my rules of thumb may not apply. I am actually quite interested in whether they do.


Regardless of whether or not you have Certs that is pretty sound advice. So far in the route and switch portion they cover basic security and i assume they would do the same in wireless but i do believe in today's day and age Security is a huge deal. I do have a Security + certification already but i will say studying security is always a fun topic.


interesting, im just about to start a 'degree' while finishing my college degree off in network security.... looking forward to it, but the two in conjunction are going to get a little crazy... the reason i mention it is because it is considered a foundation for going into the field (here) etc etc etc, here's the degree/what they 'focus' on;
edit - you actually get CCNA certs etc throughout the program.... and a few others actually - even though it stats "prepares" on this...

can't seem to find the full outcomes/objectives atm... will dig through later. so this is irrelevant until then.... lol... will find but it outlined the things that they consider standard/needed in conjunction with CCNA

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As a IT person I would say either is fine, just do not go switching and routing.

I guess security might be Slightly better imo. Not everyone needs amazing wireless but security is always important.

EDIT: Congrats by the way!!!!!

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Just curious but why not Routing and Switching? I Already have my CCNA for that one and don't plan on sitting for the CCNP in route and switch until i get a few more CCNA's under my belt.

Yeah, I was wondering about that as well as I'm planning sometime in the future getting some CCNA certs.

Because everyone goes that route, you get this great cert that few people have then specialize in the same one that most people go for?

Just my personal opinion, I have no data to back this up, but I think the others are better.

I can see some merit in that. I will say that all of Cisco's certs stem from the Route and Switch portion. For instance the lower level CCENT Certification is only really Route and Switch. I feel that it would be imperative to do the Route and Switch level Certs before branching into the other layers but i do agree that the majority are going for Route and Switch. That is also why i'm going to go for the others so i can stand out from the crowd even more.