Pascal Laptop Megapost | Nvidia GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 Benchmarked | Tek Syndicate

Pascal laptops featuring the Nvidia GTX 1080, 1070, and 1060 are upon us. Check out the videos and let me know what you think.

Laptop overviews and benchmarks:

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I really wish I could afford a laptop as I really need to be pc gaming on the couch or on the bed vs sitting at my desk. I want to relax while gaming and that definitely means getting away from the desk. Also some of the games I really want to play are pretty casual and relaxed (sports sims) and would be much more enjoyable played on a laptop. Now with those I don't really need a high powered laptop like these but in getting one of these man you wouldn't have to be too selective in what you play on it. I really, really want one of these laptops.

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With guest appearance by Donald Trump.

I would need to upgrade my eyeballs in order to use a 4k display on a laptop.

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So that was that the gist of the event?

I can't deny I find this a little underwhelming. I'm not part of the gaming laptop crowd...

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AMD interestingly enough holds something like 36% of the mobile graphics market, so Nvidia is trying to take it over and lower AMD's market share to the Desktop's levels of 20-25%...
The thing is, GTX1080 alone cost more than an AMD APU laptop people buy for work, but who cares, full 1080 in laptop. Poor people be damned..
PS: Just to be clear, i have absolutely no interest in laptops.

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Well, today in the technology arms race, I consider gaming laptops to be a little bit of a side-quest.

It is taking manufacturers ages to up their game, and there is so much to be done on different aspects of the classic gaming setup: Higher refresh rates for monitors, lower GtG & CtC latencies, widespread adoption of FreeSync/G-Sync, +60 fps in 4K (+ in VR as well).

There are many aspects of the gaming experience that currently needs more attention in my opinion. But I am biased.

Ill still wait another few generations for a new laptop, Hopefully than AMD can provide some competition for Nvidia. Not that i dislike Nvidia, im just looking for a change,

4K in laptops!
Close to desktop GPUs in laptops!
G-sync in laptops!
So much Hz in laptops!

Yeah, I've seen all of that before.

And look, it is pascal now!

So, nvidia puts their new GPUs in laptops? ..... yeah, like wow or something?
For real, that's all? ... huh.

Another pascal video with Ansel and G-sync and stuff. And a video going

Here is a laptop, it has nvidia graphics.
Here is a laptop, it has nvidia graphics.
Here is a laptop, it has nvidia graphics.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Wendells four way shootout video that he is teasing for a month now. Yes, I am very curious about that one specifically but the point I am trying to make here is a bit more broad than that.

I can watch Paul's or Kyle's or Dimitri's coverage of this nvidia ... event and get the same amount of information. But as an example, I would be way more interested in how you wire up the network in the new place. Qain's short clips are nice, showing boxes, chairs and the sink. But there is way more material to cover. Make a networking 101.

  • How to deal with lots of networking cables
  • How to build your own rack or what parts you need to make it work
  • How to connect two places over the internet somewhat securely

... as I said, it is only an example. I would also be interested in more videos on how to make videos, how to build a set, how to use cameras in combination with computers, how to stream stuff, how to light on the cheap... and so on. And all of that could be done while getting the new place ready.

I would just like to see more content here again that is different from all the other mainstream Intel, Nvidia, AMD, "now with more faster because RGB" stuff everywhere else. More nitty gritty, less gamery product placement. Tek Syndicate should be more than just convention booths and sponsored reviews.
Basically, @Logan, @DeusQain, @wendell :

Please make more videos that get people to do things and less videos that get people to buy things.

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because half of midtier laptops have some laughable APU

when it comes to gaming laptops, yes

can someone post some performance cliff notes?

not interested in the nvidia shill

Nah, I wish AMD actually did compete seriously in the laptop market, sure they have APU's (which don't matter much cause, CPUs at low IPCs, at least until Zen), which for gaming is still better than Intel's iGPUs, but it's still very weak compared to dGPUs.

I'm sure they'd do much more educational stuff if they could, but those videos take a shitload of research to make. Chances are, they need those "commercial reviews" videos in their pipeline in order to keep their "fresh content" basket full. The reality of the situation is that grade A+ quality interesting videos are very hard to make because they take time.

Unfortunately, bills need paying and I'd imagine that networking via attending these types of events can be pretty important to maintaining a business like TS

Also, just in the past ~2 months:
- Linux mail servers and Kolab
- Gigabyte factory tour
- ExaSAN A16T2-Share Thunderbolt SAN review
- Turn an Old Server Into a Gaming Rig
- Thecus W5810 Pro NAS server and a look at MS ReFS
- Install Linux & Steam on Intel Compute Stick

And yes, this has been said many times now, but I imagine that they will have much more time for project and educational videos once their office build-out is complete.

Well, youtube doesn't know how ta calendar .... The Thecus video is 83 days old. That is almost as close to two months than it is to four months. Also I don't want to count the amount of videos covering every single new graphics card and every motherboard that is slightly different now because it got the lights over here and not there.... But enough of me being a pedantic asshole. :D
Look, I am aware of the fact that this content also has to be done. But the ratio is off by a mile and this needs to be fixed.

The Linux on Compute Stick video is actually a good example of what I mean. If you are doing it anyway, just point a camera at it while doing so. It doesn't even need a lot of editing to be useful. That is why I chose the networking stuff as an example.

Those GPUs sound like they're going to get hawt.
I'm imagining the whole bottom half of those beefy laptops being packed with cooling fans.
They'd take off like quad copters - they'd no longer be laptops, they'd be hovertops...
I suppose that'd make the whole VR experience more convenient, you're just tied to a floating laptop.

I just want a laptop to have Thunderbolt 3, Quality Build, not too big/bulky, at least a 1060 and also have G-sync.

Really hoping the new Blade w/ the 1060 has G-Sync and then I can waste 2500 bucks and not feel so bad.

I will be looking at the Aorus X7 DT v6. I'm going to be using it for gaming when i am away for work and aslo taking to lans as i generally have to fly to them. Going to go for the 1440p 120htz i think.