Pascal GPU vs Current gtx 900

I am wondering, currently I am having a gtx 970 from gigabyte in my system. In the future, probably a few months from now I want to get a different gpu or another 970 for sli.

Is it Pascal having massive improvement over my current gpu? And how will the pricing be? Any thoughts or tips are welcome

There's no way to know how Pascal will perform. They aren't even receiving the HBM2 stacks that they are supposedly going to be using, so we're a long way off from seeing performance metrics.

If you just want a theoretical to judge by, I'd guess that a 20% increase in raw performance is not out of the question. This doesn't always translate into exceptionally better gaming performance however.

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Nobody knows how well pascal is going to perform because its not released. End of story. If you wait a couple months you will find out. That's it.

Should possibly go Polaris, because free-sync and freedom.


Last I heard, Samsung is supposed to be starting HBM2 production and will allow nVidia to purchase. They should be able to outfit at least their high end cards with HBM2, though I don't think that they will be ready to ship for a while longer still (maybe closer to the end of the year). Meanwhile Polaris should be available before August. So yeah, I would say wait for Polaris and then decide what you want to do. Why are you wanting to upgrade anyway, OP? Are you at a high resolution? The 970 can play just about anything maxed at 1080p no problem.

Im at 1080p but maybe i have the budget to get another monitor so stepnit up a scale. 1440p or higher.

I doubt it will be a huge upgrade.

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the most the mid-range cards will probably have is GDDR5X. simply because HBM is difficult to manufacture. and it will probably raise the price of pascal a bit. if anything you're not going to really get HBM unless you by the X80 cards at the most on Nvidia.

I am personally in love with my 324k, so I would suggest loking in that direction as far as a new monitor goes. That would definitely give you reason to upgrade your gpu. My guess is that Polaris will have the first decent single gpu 4k solution.

I read somewhere that AMD is likely only going to put HBM on the higher end cards. It just wouldn't make sense on lower end cards. No tangible benefit but an increase in cost. What I meant with regard to nVidia is that I expect it will only be on their new Titan card, whatever that one is called. The rest will likely be GDDR5x at best, I think you are right. Meanwhile, I think that everything above $400 will have HBM2 for Polaris.

not necessarily. even though allegedly Polaris will be a whole new GPU line up. I don't think AMD will let the Fury Die. they'll probably try to Die-Shrink the GPU core to reuse it. AMD has never really let the high end cards just die like Nvidia does.

What I've heard is that there are two different Polaris gpus. Vega 10 and Vega 11 (iirc). One of them is supposed to be around 950 level of performance. So I am guessing the line up will be something like $200 Polaris with GDDR5(x), $300-400 will be Fury rebrands, then Vega 11 from $500 and up. That is why I am guessing any of the next gen AMD cards above $400 will be HBM2. But more importantly/relevantly, the jump from 28nm to 14nm and from HBM to HBM2 should have some serious performance improvements for the high end cards. That is why I am guessing that Polaris will have the first single gpu 4k solution. I am guessing GTAV 4k maxed @ ~45fps. Playable AAA titles at 4k. That is my hope.

Currently i have an asus vx248h with low response time of 1ms and a high contrast ratio. It is 60herz tho. The curved monitor is one that got my attention.

I don't know what you are talking about in regard to the "curved on". A curved 4k monitor?

It's Pascal supposed to only work with NVlink ?

Coz PCIe gen 3 will bottleneck it ?. I haven't heard any recent news about NVlink ?

Which was my only comfort in buy a 980ti a month ago

Oops the ROG part didnt get in. It will be around 1k i saw but it is amazing.

That is an ultrawide 1440, not 4k. Is that the one you are talking about?

Yes my bad

ufff its a hard sell unless pascal is somehow amazing which for some reason i doubt, i personally wouldnt upgrade until another generaton 1000 or something to really get a bang for the money spent. also do consider AMD's options there are some really interesting ones

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Nvidia will be using GDDR5x AMD will be using HBM2 and GDDR5x aka GDDR6

The most plausible reason Nvidia will not get HBM2 is that AMD has contract rights to HBM. and will try to produce as many cards as they can as fast as they can to avoid a bad launch like the fury had.

Note this is just speculation nothing is confirmed at this time we only have rumors and high hopes.