Parts list check

I have built one computer before this, I also have fixed multiple laptops and pc's and I just want some opinions on my parts list, I already bought the processor and an 850w power supply that was not listed, but I could change anything else. I need to keep it within that price range, Thanks for reading :)    

What are you planning on doing with this? if you are gaming and even if your not that power supply is SEVER overkill. hell mabye if you gonna buy anouther graphics card or two then yeah keep it but yeah the rest of the parts are all good just teh power supplys a big big thats all :)

Thank you for the quick response im am eventually planning to upgrade the cpu to a 8150 and crossfiring the 270's. Would the power supply would be able to handle the two cards oc'ed but not the cpu oc'ed 

The PSU would handle crossfire cards OC'ed no problemo.

One more thing, is that board compatible with the 8350, i know it says that on pc part but ive heard many people have problems with it 

Well unfortunately I can't really comment on a board that I don't know.

But I can say that the Asus M5A97 R2.0 is one of the most recommended and *reliable* AM3+ motherboards on the market.

ok thanks for the help. :)